Welcome back Iggles to another camp inspired Everyday Cosplay! Last week, I gave you Troop Croft and this week we’re headed to the jungle to celebrate Troop Hakuna Matata (it means ‘no worries’, you know?).

hakunaTroop Hakuna Matata draws its name inspiration from that loveable duo in The Lion King, Timon and Pumbaa, was picked by its two Disney loving Counselors because who both live The Lion King. Hakuna Matata is a great song about not worrying too much and living life to its fullest which is a message that applies not only to camp but life. Members of Troop Hakuna Matata know how to have a good time, whether it’s relaxing in the cabin or playing a game with their pals. They are playful and enthusiastic about life (as long as there can be a nap at some point)!  Look to Troop Hakuna Matata to lead songs and the way to the dining hall when it’s chow time. They are loyal to a fault, and will stick by your side no matter what!


Can I just say that finding outfits that fit these colors was a little hard? I did find things though and I decided to go with a relaxed casual look for both characters. They are based in the jungle and it might be kinda hot there so why not relay that in the outfits?




I wanted to try to find an off-white shirt to pick for this and luckily enough the Forever 21 + has a nude tank top that works perfectly. This one is the V-Neck Cami (Sizes XL-3X $4.90). Now, if you’re not wanting to show that much skin, you can layer it with a white or brown cardigan OR opt for a t-shirt instead. That will also give the look that comfy/casual vibe!


I was able to find the perfect colored pants at Forever 21. They’re a camel colored drawstring pant that are really loose fitting and overall look like something I would wear practically everyday if I had a pair. These are the Classic Drawstring Pants (Sizes XL-3X $15.90).


The hat for Timon is a brown one to try to match the brown tuft of hair he has. It’s also from Forever 21 and is the Faux Suede Fedora.



Pumbaa is just a dark brown but I couldn’t find the right shade of dark brown for this look. I managed to find something though and went with a cami as well. I had it in my head that they’re besties and would try to dress as similar as possible if they could? Is that weird? Anyway, this one is the Knit V-Neck Cami (Sizes XS-XL $1.90).


I couldn’t find any pants that were a dark brown but I found a pair of shorts that could work. Another option is to try for a dark brown pair of leggings or to check out a place that has basic jeans in various color options. The shorts I found are the Cool Corduroy Shorts (Sizes 24-31 currently on sale for $11.99)


Because I wanted them to try to match again, I picked the same hat as I did for Timon but in black to match HIS tufts of hair.


For the jewelry I went with some Faux Wood Bangles from Forever 21 to tie in the brown aspect of each look. I also found a Hakuna Matata wire necklace from Etsy user Exaltation and a pair of Simba earrings from Etsy user Rabbitwear! For the Pumbaa look, you can add a brown belt if you like and this one also comes from Forever 21. Lastly, I felt both of these looks would be amazing with a pair of brown sandals. If sandals aren’t your jam, try brown flats or boots.

And that’s it! While I did have trouble finding items, I totally dig the neutral colors of this look. I think browns look flattering on just about everyone and you can do so much with them.

Since Camp is approaching and I wont be able to post next week, a look for Troop Lumos will be later this week. I didn’t forget about y’all!

Until next time, Iggles!

Keep calm and Everyday Cosplay on!