Welcome to August, Iggles!

With August comes IGGPPCamp and I couldn’t be more excited (shout out to Troop Lumos!). I thought it would be fun to use the first three weeks of August to create some everyday cosplay looks based on each troop!

First up, we’ve got Troop Croft!

croftTroop Croft is named for the amazing and intelligent Lara Croft, of Tomb Raider fame. She is the epitome of camp and is probably one of the best individuals to take with you when you go camping. She knows how to get food, climb walls, jump, swim, oh, and she always finds awesome treasures! Members of Troop Croft are creative and good at improvisation, and feel most at home in the great outdoors (especially if there’s a cave to explore or mountain to climb). Tough and hardy, members of Troop Croft are always up for an adventure!


I wanted to try to make one modeled after her latest upgrade. I love that she’s no longer in the insanely impractical short shorts and crop top and has been fitted with cargo pants and a tank top. I also chose this look because not everyone is comfortable with going out in public in such attire. However, the classic shorts and crop top can be modified to fit comfortably if this particular outfit isn’t your jam.



The top is just a basic thin strapped tank top but if you’re not comfortable wearing this particular style of tank top you can easily swap it out with one with thicker straps and a higher neckline. I found two tanks from Forever 21 which are the Longline Cami (Sizes XL-3X $4.90) and the Longline Cami (Sizes S-L $3.80).


I couldn’t find any form fitting cargo pants so I opted for a dark grey pair of jeans (which is sort of looks like she’s wearing anyway except hers have more pockets). Now, these jeans are far too nice to represent what Lara does, so since they’re relatively cheap jeans (and from my experience being plus size and getting jeans from F21, they will rip within a few weeks anyway) you can rough them up a bit by taking some steel wool or a tooth brush to them to give them some wear and tear. Anyway, these jeans also came from Forever 21 and are the Ankle-Length Skinny Jeans (Sizes 24-30 in petite/small sizes $7.80) and the Faded Stretch Fit Skinny Jeans (Sizes 12-20 in plus size $27.90).

Everything Else:

Since she seems to have what appears to be a satchel, I thought I would incorporate one. So I found one on Etsy that was the cheapest out of the ones that looked high quality. If you’re going to invest in a thigh purse, you’ll most likely want to use it again. This one comes from Etsy user Suckahtash and will cost you $175.00 USD. BUT if you’re at all crafty, EPBOT has a tutorial on how to turn a small cross body into a hip purse.

Belts also make an appearance in this outfit so gather up a few brown or black belts to use as layering. It seems as though she has one that isn’t the one holding up her thigh satchel so one extra outta do it.

I tied in her bow and arrow weaponry with a really beautiful bow and arrow necklace from Etsy user HavokDesigns. This one will cost you $42.00 USD but Etsy is full of amazing bow and arrow themed jewelry. You don’t even have to go the necklace route if you’re not a fan of them.

Lastly, you’ll need a pair of boots. You can go the Doc Martens option or just a pair of boots that come a little above the ankle but not quite at the knee.

Now put that hair of yours into a long messy braid or an effortless ponytail and you’re set!

I hope everyone is ready for camp! I can’t wait to partake in some of the activities and if all goes according to plan, I will be apart of something really fun and Everyday Cosplay related so stay tuned for that!

Until next time, Iggles!

Keep calm and Everyday Cosplay on!