This month we’re talking all things aliens, and what could be more fun than dressing like one? This week we’re creating everyday cosplay looks based on the Toy Story alien! OooooOOoooo!

The claw machine aliens in Toy Story are some of the most fun characters in a wild and wacky ensemble cast. They move and speak almost as one being, connected through some hive mind to serve The Claw, that which selects them and transports them to seeming freedom and their new lives with the kids who win them. Besides that, they are funny and adorable, and we thought it would be a kick to dress like one!

Toy Story Alien


For this week, the look is designed to be casual. What’s great about and character with a dark blue base is that you can usually get away with wearing jeans! For me, anyway, this is a huge plus because it makes an everyday cosplay that much easier to incorporate into my regular wardrobe. There are also a couple of different ways to go with the color blocking on this one. One option is to find a blue top and, if you’re wearing this in cooler weather, the hat and gloves add the perfect pop of lime green. Another option is to layer (I’m a big fan of layers!) with a blue tank or camisole and a green cardigan. Toms shoes or other navy sneakers mimic the shape of the alien’s foot, though you could use any ballet flat or boot that catches your fancy, and the purple scarf gets the neckband color just right. For a finishing touch, Saturn-shaped earrings evoke the Pizza Planet logo we all know and love. And there you have it! A simple Toy Story alien look.

What I love about this color palette is the bright fun colors. Who doesn’t love a little lime in their wardrobe? Whether you’re sweltering in summer or need a bit of a pick me up in the cold of winter, bright green and blue is a great combination that will really make your outfit pop.

Did you try out the Supergirl options from last week? Are you going to rock a Toy Story alien this week? Let me know! You can tweet it to me @joannavolavka and use #igglescosplay to show it off!