This month’s theme of high fantasy lends itself to some really fun looks, and the one we’ve got for you this week is no exception: Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon!

Toothless: the character

Toothless is a terrifying Night Fury, the most powerful kind of dragon ever to have attacked the people of Berk. He flies so fast you can barely see him and his bright blue sonic blast is a pretty fantastic weapon… until the day young Viking Hiccup injures him and they find themselves thrown together in a world that’s changing much more quickly than the rest of Berk realizes. Toothless himself is quirky and cat-like, with retractable fangs that vanish into his gums, giving him his name. His injury is to his tail, and Hiccup fashions him a replacement out of red material so that they can fly together across the land and even across the seas. Toothless is intelligent and rambunctious, and becomes fiercely loyal to Hiccup to the point of protecting the young Viking no matter the cost.


Everyday Toothless the Dragon


Toothless: the look

To get an outfit that really evokes Toothless seems like an easy enough task on the surface, until you realize that “all black” doesn’t lend much to define the character. Without clear color blocking, how do you arrive at “dragon” and then at this specific one? The first thing that makes me think of dragons is “wings” so the base of this look is a black dress with gorgeous bell sleeves that have a slight shine, similar to the folds of his wings. A spiky bracelet with a scale-like texture and black studded flats also lend themselves to the idea of “dragon.” Green sunglasses mimic Toothless’ bright green eyes, and a tooth necklace subtly draws attention to his name. The final piece is the handbag, which is reminiscent of the tail piece that Hiccup makes so that the dragon can fly. All together, the pieces create an outfit that will make you think of your favorite dragon while bringing a little edge to your wardrobe.

What do you think of this look? Does it work as a dragon? Don’t forget to check out #igglescosplay to find other closet cosplayers, too!