This month we’re talking all things aliens, and what could be more fun than dressing like one? For our final alien-inspired look we’re creating an everyday cosplay based on one of our favorite aliens, the Twelfth Doctor!

We love the Doctor, but it’s sometimes easy to forget that he isn’t human, especially in some of his more recent regenerations. That being said, the newest version, played by Peter Capaldi, brings a wonderful other-worldliness back to the character and reminds us that he is, in fact, from a whole other world; Gallifrey to be exact! The Doctor has a wide range of questionable to way cool fashion choices in his various incarnations, but the look he’s rocking in the most recent Doctor Who series is pretty fantastic.


Everyday Twelfth Doctor



You can see that we’ve incorporated most of the Twelfth Doctor’s signature pieces into this look, from the plaid pants that hearken back to earlier regenerations (and are just plain fun to wear!) to the red-lined peacoat. One of the best parts about this Doctor’s wardrobe is that it allows you to incorporate any favorite band tee you might have stashed in the back of your closet, from any era you can imagine. Capaldi’s Doctor loves to rock! He also rocks on the guitar, so a six-string on a chain seems apropos. Whether you like them or not as a device on the show, the sonic shades make for a fun accessory to wear, too. Add some shiny black shoes and a black shirt or zip-up hoodie and you’ve got the Twelfth Doctor down pat.

That’s it for this week’s everyday cosplay look book. Are you going to rock out like the Twelfth Doctor? Did you try the Toy Story Alien or Supergirl looks from this month? If you do, be sure to tweet it to me @joannavolavka and use #igglescosplay to show it off!