This month we’re talking all things aliens, and what could be more fun than dressing like one? This week we’re creating everyday cosplay looks based on the new CBS show Supergirl!

Kara Danvers is a typical twenty-something, except for the fact that she grew up on an alien planet until she was twelve, she has super powers, and her cousin is Clark Kent. Yep, that Clark Kent. So all in all just your average young woman, right? Hardly.

The costume designer for Supergirl describes Kara’s style as “quirky” and not what you’d pick up in your usual clothing store. This is intentional, as they want her to look like she doesn’t quite fit in, especially in the high-power world of her boss, Cat Grant. Kara’s wardrobe is still beyond adorable, and it’s fun to try and put similar looks together. Here are a couple based on Supergirl’s secret identity.

Kara Danvers



You can see how we’ve incorporated her signature button-down into each of these two outfits; Kara is all about layering, to the point that her cardigans were even a small joke on a recent episode. She does wear a lot of sweaters and cardigans, and she loves soft pinks and olive greens. The bag is inspired by the giant tote she’s always hauling around with her (probably because she’s got to keep her change of clothes somewhere when she hops in and out of costume) and a cute watch to help her keep on Cat Grant’s schedule is the final touch.

And because who doesn’t want a little super-power in their everyday, here’s a look based on her iconic costume.

Everyday Supergirl



The color palette is so distinctive and bold; blue top with a red bottom and a gold belt. This could easily be done with a blue sweater or tank and red leggings, or any number of other combinations that might be a little more subtle for everyday wear. I love this style belt though, and how it mirrors the shape of Supergirl’s belt while being wide enough to still be flattering in normal wear. Scarves are a great way to evoke a cape, too. In fact, colorful scarves are just generally a good staple of an everyday cosplay wardrobe, especially with so many capes, cloaks and collars on our favorite fictional heroes.

That’s it for this week’s everyday cosplay look book. Are you going to try out a Kara Danvers look this week? If you do, be sure to tweet it to me @joannavolavka and use #igglescosplay to show it off!