Yo, I’ll tell ya what I want, what I really really want!

I want to dress up like every member of the Spice Girls for the rest of my life. When I was younger and well into my Spice Girls phase, I wanted nothing more than to don a skin tight black dress and point my finger like Posh Spice. I ended up being more of the Sporty Spice though because let’s face it, her outfits were always the most comfy looking!


This week I am bringing some really easy everyday cosplay looks for Sporty and Baby Spice. Baby Spice was always, for some reason, my least favorite Spice but I won’t deny that she’s got some cute style!


Sporty Spice:

Sporty is so simple, it’s not even funny. All you really have to do is find your most comfiest, dare I say SPORTIEST, looking clothes. For this look, I found a Striped Cami Crop Top (sizes S-L $9.90 USD) and I paired it with Marled Knit Sweatpants (sizes XS-L $17.90 USD). While she’s seen the majority of the time without a jacket, I wanted to toss one in so I just got a basic Zip-Up Hoodie (sizes S-L $12.90 USD). To tie everything together I got a pair of Adidas shoes, but any sneaker/sporty type shoe is perfect. I also added a choker because the 90’s aren’t really complete without one. You can also, if you want, wear one of those wrist sweat band things too!

Baby Spice:

Now I know this burgundy color isn’t really her style but she was seen in plenty of velvet babydoll dresses before so I couldn’t pass it up. It’s the Mock Neck Velvet Dress (sizes XL-3X $17.90 USD). If you want to tie the look together with some knee high socks, go for it but I omitted those from the look. I found a really cute Girl Power necklace on Etsy from user BONESCOUTURE ($14 USD) and these amazingly cute feather hair scrunchies from Etsy user GlamorGoth ($6 USD) because why not, right? Now, the shoes are just there for an example because she did wear her shoes that high but you OBVIOUSLY don’t have to do that! A simple platform would suffice or you can also go the cute sneaker route!

Not you’re ready to spice up your life with these super cute and easy looks!

I’ll see you Iggles next week with another 90’s -tastic set!