I am back with another look for this month’s theme of Dark Fairy Tales! Sitting down to read these twisted fairy tales each week has given me some time to truly dissect just how utterly insane these original stories are. I mean those Grimm brothers know how to write a story!

Once again, if you want to participate in this month’s theme by showing off your own dark fairy tale everyday look, head over to the forum and submit your looks to be featured on posts for this month!

This week I thought I would go with the Evil Queen from the original Snow White story. Her story isn’t too far off from what was shown to us in the film, Snow White and the Huntsman, so if you’ve seen that then you know her story. However, in the story instead of wanting her heart she actually wanted Snow’s liver and lungs so that she could eat them for dinner. Gross, am I right?

CaptureFor this look I decided to go with the black and red color palette. Those two colors often evoke that sinister/evil look. The Disney queen is purple and black but honestly, I didn’t think that’d be dark and spooky enough for this look!

For the dress, I found this amazing one with a cape attached to it that just screamed Evil Queen to me. After all, she DOES wear one in the Disney movie so why not? It’s the Layered-Back Sheath Dress from Forever 21 (Sizes S-L $34.90 USD). I actually REALLY want this dress, guys! For the other dress, I couldn’t find anything as sinister looking so I went with a black, long sleeved maxi dress that actually has an amazing cut out detail in the back to bring in just the right amount of sexy! It’s the Cutout-Back Maxi Dress (Sizes XL-3X $27.90 US) and I am into this one too!

For the accessories, I tried to find some anatomically correct lungs and a liver to tie in for jewelry and Etsy doesn’t offer much in that department. But I found some things that could work if you wanted to bring those elements in. I found a pair of lung earrings from user NickyandNoris ($12.95 USD) and a liver pewter charm that could be turned into a necklace from user Maidindenmark ($14.95 USD).

Lastly, Etsy user, EnchantedJewelryShop, offers up some amazing goth looking crowns that you could buy that would go perfectly with this look. I actually picked this one that has a bit of red in it to match the overall outfit, but she has a bunch to choose from.

Tie the look together with some amazing black heels (bonus points if you can get some that have a spot of red on them) and you’re good to go! Stylish, sinister AND sexy for this Halloween!

Bonus Content:
If you’re not into the liver and lungs details and want to go classic with a heart, Etsy does offer up a bunch of heart related jewelry and accessories, both tasteful and…not tasteful. You can also do a bit of DIYing and look for a plastic anatomically correct heart and cover it with some fake blood to carry around as a prop.

Along with the above one, if you want to go WAY into the theme, look for a pair of plastic anatomically correct lungs and a liver and glue them to a plate. Also glue on a fork and a knife and you can carry that plate around as a prop as well. Dinner is served!

In the photo I added a mirror which would be a funny and clever prop to have. A hand mirror or maybe even a compact. You can print out a photo of the magic mirror from either the Disney film or the one from Once Upon A Time and attach it to the mirror with tape or glue.

YouTube has a ton of tutorials on how to do dark makeup and I would look into those if you feel like completing the look with some on fleek eyebrows and red lips!

I honestly REALLY love this whole idea. If I didn’t already have my costume picked out and ready to go, I would definitely try to pull this off!

Don’t forget to submit your looks to the forum so that Iggles everywhere can see your spooky fashion looks!

Until next week!