Helloooo Iggles!

Can you hear me all the way up there in space? I am back this month with a new theme for our weekly Everyday Cosplays! This month is all about science! Now, I assume it can be anything as long as it’s related to science in some way so I opted for my very first science look to be modeled after my favorite folks aboard the USS Enterprise, the Science Officers.

Now, there are some amazing Science Officers in the Trek universe, but I modeled this look after the men’s uniform from The Original Series and for this we’re gonna reference Spock (RIP you amazing man!)

Star Trek Spock Figure

Science Officer



Top – The only spot of color int this look will come from the shirt. That’s totally okay because it works for what we’re doing! I couldn’t find any decent looking long sleeved shirts so I ended up finding a short sleeved knit bodysuit (sizes 1x-3x) and a mock turtleneck (sizes S-L). If neither of these are up your alley and you want to stay original and use a long sleeved shirt, that’s always an option and one I would probably go for too!


Jeans – Black bottoms are a staple for this look. BUT the ladies of the Enterprise wore a full blue dress. So if you’re not the pants type, you can find a matching blue skirt to wear OR a full blue dress to replace the shirt/pants combo all together. I found a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans (sizes 12-22) and high-rise skinny jeans (sizes 24-31 in non-plus size sizes. all of these are currently sold out but F21 has multiple types of black skinnies).

Cardigan – They don’t wear any outwear in the uniform, but since I couldn’t find long sleeved shirt I figured a black cardigan would suffice to cover up the arms. You could also add more blue by making the cardigan blue as well if you’d like to still simulate that all blue upper half! I found a classic v-neck cardigan (sizes XL-3X) and a classic button down cardigan (sizes S-L all sizes currently sold out but F21 has various cardigans to choose from).

Shoes – These are a pair of boots that were already on polyvore to pick from. The men wear ankle boots and the women wear knee high boots so wear whatever is comfortable for you!


I found this Star Trek Science Officer necklace on Etsy from Silverthink Jewelry. It’s the perfect addition to the look. Etsy doesn’t really offer much in the Science Officer department but you can pair the look with any Star Trek accessory of your choosing (Think Geek also has insignia pins!). Lastly, to pull everything together I added gold bangles. Each person on the Enterprise has gold embellishments around their wrists on their uniform that indicate their rank. So just add a few gold bracelets to represent that!

This look was relatively easy, I think you can make this whatever officer you want by just changing the shirt color. You can also create so many looks by changing a few other elements as well. If you’re not fond of black pants then swap it out for a black skirt and maybe some thigh high stockings!

If you have any requests for Science themed Everyday Cosplay looks for this month, shoot me a tweet @likegwenstacy and maybe I will feature your suggestion this month!