I think everyone at some point watched Rugrats. If you didn’t, you’ve missed out on some quality TV!

For this everyday cosplay I decided to focus on my two favorite characters from the show: Tommy Pickles and Lil DeVille. Tommy was basically the leader of the gang (later studies found out that he was modeled after The Doctor from Doctor Who..which makes a TON of sense now) and Lil was just the cutest and I loved her relationship with her brother.

Both looks are relatively simple to put together so let’s get into it:



Tommy wears a blue shirt and a white diaper. Since we’re not going to make it look like you’re wearing a diaper, I managed to come up with a cute look! The blue shirt and white skirt come from Forever 21 and they are the Classic V-Neck (Sizes S-L at $3.90 USD) and the Knit Skater Skirt (Sizes XS, M & L at $3.99 USD). The accessories come from Etsy and they are the Reptar Stud Earrings from user TheNerdyPrincessShop and are $9.00 USD and the Screwdriver Necklace from user GustavsDachshundShop and is $12.00 USD. I finished the look with a pair of white converse but any shoes will work since he’s never in them.


Lil’s outfit is a little..well not that cute in my opinion but luckily I found some cute things that you can use that will make the outfit work.  I found a green Mock Neck Shift Dress (Sizes XL-3X for $17.90 USD) that you can use as the base. Now, I was going to pair the dress with white leggings to represent the diaper she wears but I didn’t want to add much color blocking to this so I opted out. If you want to have your legs covered, you can either go for leggings or stockings. I paired the dress with a pink Longline Dolman Cardigan (Sizes XL-3X for $17.90 USD). For the accessories I found a Rubber Duck Necklace from user cmarie59405 that is $20.00 USD and a pair of earrings featuring Phil and Lil from user copperboomearrings for $6.14 USD (ships from Canada). I finished off this look with a pair of Converse as well but any pink shoes will work.

And that’s it ya diaper heads! If you want to try to translate any of the other babies into everyday looks I highly encourage it. Some of the other characters have a mix of colors and prints and it would be fun to see what you guys come up with!

Until next week, Iggles!