This month’s theme is Notice Me Senpai, and we’re putting together some everyday cosplay looks to go with it! This week we’re creating an outfit based around Roronoa Zoro.

Roronoa Zoro: the character

Roronoa Zoro of One Piece is a totally swoon-worthy senpai; he’s one of the Straw Hat Pirates and a master swordsman! Usually serious and aloof, when he loses his temper it’s often to comedic ecffect. He’s never without his three swords, and holds to noble ideals even if he can be a little reckless. His goal is to become the best swordsman in the world, thanks to a pact he made with a deceased childhood friend and rival in his dojo, and he carries her sword on his quest in her honor.


Everyday Roronoa Zoro


Roronoa Zoro: the look

I always like to include at least one very casual, pants-or-jeans everyday cosplay, especially to have options to wear during cooler months. This one is a great example of an easy-going, comfy closet cosplay. From the soft pants to the Doc Martens and the cotton henley tee, this look is totally relaxed. I’ve included a hat to match his awesome hair color, but he does wear his black bandanna around his head sometimes, so you could also do a black headband. I also shifted the color scheme a little, and instead of black pants and boots gave it a very dark green, just to make the colors a little richer.

So what do you think of this look? Got any suggestions for next week? Tweet me @joannavolavka and use #igglescosplay to find other everyday cosplayers!