May the 4th be with you, everyday cosplayers! In honor of Star Wars Day, I’ve put together an easy look for R2D2. It was initially inspired by finding a pair of R2 earrings at Hot Topic and the rest came from my own closet. This was definitely the ‘drobe I was looking for!

R2D2 everyday cosplay outfitWith all of my everyday cosplay, I try to source the majority of my outfits from my already-existing wardrobe. This tank-and-shorts combo is one I wear regularly, though never before with the silver metallic camisole; the cami is a holiday-wear item so not usually in the summer rotation, but the hint of silver is just the added pop the outfit needs.

R2D2 everyday cosplay jewelryAs I mentioned, the look is inspired by earrings that I happened to find earlier in the week; you can buy them online here. I have a tribal style necklace that reminds me of the panels on R2’s body, and by pulling my hair into a twist, it gives my head a rounded look. With a few dark silver bangles, the accessories are complete.

metallic makeup evokes a droidThe final touch is the makeup, and I have a silver smokey eye pallet that fits the bill. Blend the three shades of metallic silver from darkest to lightest in a gradient across the eyelid, then finish with a black liner and mascara. Top with a gold shimmer lipstick and my face looks nice and droid-esque.

Everyday Cosplay: R2D2

Here’s another possible version of the look. Color blocking  on this top is reminiscent of R2’s body panels, and the round jewelry implies R2’s lights and sensors.

There are plenty of options out there to make this look your own, and it should be easy to put together an awesome R2 or other everyday cosplay for Star Wars day! And let us know in the comments below if you create a great outfit from a galaxy far, far away!

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