For the final week of Science Month I thought I would wrap up this theme with the one and only Princess Bubblegum. One of the more popular characters in the animated world, P Bubs is a scientist and inventor rolled into one pretty pink package. While sometimes her experiments can be called “weird” and “kinda crazy,” she always comes up with some of the craziest things on the show.



For this post, I wanted to use two of my favorite outfits of hers. One is seen in the episode “What Was Missing” and the other in “You Made Me”. Peebles is one of the very few characters who has outfit changes rather frequently in the show. While all of them cute, these two stood out the most!

I will say, it was rather hard to color match exactly for these so I tried my best and the results weren’t terrible haha. Just know that all you really need is all pink everything. Nothing to it!


“You Made Me” Outfit

I don’t know about you but I love Peebles with her hair up. It creates an amazing look for her to not have hair dangling from her head. I also really adore her in pants. This outfit was super casual for her that when I first saw it, it kinda made me double take. She is usually in dresses, so that the pant look made her look older and feel more relatable.

For this look, I tried to match the darker bottom and lighter top look. I found these fuchsia colored ankle pants from JC Penny (Sizes 6, 14, 16, 18 misses currently $19.99). For the top, I found a heather pink colored crew neck from Forever 21 (Sizes S-L $8.90). If you get a longer top, all you’d have to do is tuck in the shirt. I would suggest trying to fight a higher waisted pant if you’re comfortable with those. It’d make the tucked in shirt look a little bit more stylish. For the shoes, all you need a pink pair of flats!

“What Was Missing” Outfit

This look is my favorite because I liked that she utilized layers and a pink pair of cowboy boots. While this look makes her look younger than 18, I thought it was cute that she was able to pull off a playful look. I also really liked her hairstyle here, too. That full semi-Princess Jasmine ponytail suited her nicely and went really well with her overall outfit.

This look is also relatively simple. Her dress and leggings are darker while her cardigan and boots are lighter. For the dress, I found a really cute pink one from Wet Seal (Sizes 1X-3X $19.99). It’s a skater style dress so naturally it should flare out on the bottom like hers. For the cardigan, I took to Forever 21 again finding a light peach colored v-neck (Sizes XL-3X though currently sold out in all sizes $10.80). For the leggings, ol’ faithful We Love Colors has a fantastic shade of pink that you can use for this look (Sizes S-3XL $26.00). For her shoes, I found a pink pair of cowboy boots on the Polyvore app but of course they’re really expensive. You don’t have to wear the cowboy boots for this look at all. In fact, because the leggings I listed are a little longer than hers are in the photo, I would highly suggest an ankle boot just so that you can still show off that bit of skin between the leggings and the shoes like she has.

I topped off both of the outfits with some candy jewelry. You can pretty much wear whatever candy inspired jewelry you want. Maybe some bananas to pull in her Banana Guards or little gumdrops to represent some of the citizens of Candy Kingdom. For this look, I found a Peppermint Butler necklace from Etsy user happycrafties and a pair of cotton candy earrings from Etsy user IncredInedible.

And that’s really it! Just a lot of pink and maybe a few candy touches to give off the perfect Princess Bubblegum vibe.

I have to say, Science Month has been a blast! I loved creating all of these looks for you guys and I am happy that the response is positive! Next month will be the theme of Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice so if you have any ideas for looks you’d like to see that represent that theme, tweet them at me @likegwenstacy and maybe I will feature your idea!

Until next week, Iggles!