What a rad theme we’ve got this month, Iggles! There are so many options to create looks for with this theme, how will I ever pick just a few to cover?!

For the first post, I went with the ever so obvious: The Powerpuff Girls! What’s more sugar, spice and everything nice than these three cuties? After all, I can’t be the only one who immediately thinks of them when they hear those three words!


I created three looks, each of which include plus sizes (save for Buttercup. I couldn’t for the life of me find a plus size dress in green that wasn’t more than $30, and I try to keep everything I find rather affordable).




The two dresses I found are both from Forever 21. The Fit and Flare Cami Dress (Sizes XS-XL currently sold out of all though. Currently $9.52). The other is the Classic Halter Dress (Sizes XL-3X $19.90). For her jewelry accents I found a Bubbles laser cut necklace from shop user KitschBitchJewelry and cute octopus necklace to represent her favorite stuffed anime Octi from shop user cbexpress.


These two dresses also came from Forever 21. They are the Classic Babydoll Dress (Sizes XS-XL currently sold out of all. Currently $10.99). The other is a Matelasse Skater Dress (Sizes XL-3X currently sold out of all. $22.80). For her jewelry I used another laser cut necklace from KitschBitchJewelry as well as a necklace featuring a stack of books from shop user MyMiniMunchies, since Blossom is considered the smart one out of the three. Also top off your look with a red hair bow!


So like I mentioned above, I couldn’t find an affordable green dress in plus sizes. I don’t know why they don’t exist. If they do, I really couldn’t find anything. The one that I managed to find is from Modcloth, and currently on sale for $24.99 (originally $49.99) and comes in sizes S-L. Once again for the jewelry I got the laser cut necklace from KitschBitchJewelry and another necklace with a pair of boxing gloves from shop user treasuredcharms, since Buttercup is the tough one, who loves to fight.

To tie everything together, all you have to do is pair your dress with some white knee highs, stockings or leggings, and a pair of black mary janes. If you’re not into mary janes, a pair of black flats will also work! Don’t forget your black waist belt!

That’s it for this week, Iggles!

Don’t forget to participate by wearing your own Everyday Cosplay looks this month and sharing them on Twitter, Facebook and here in the forums! Show us your everyday sugar, spice and everything nice!