This month we’re doing all things Crafty, including everyday cosplay looks based on our favorite fictional crafters! This week’s outfit is inspired by Paris Geller, one-time nemesis turned roommate and pal of Rory Gilmore from the beloved tv show Gilmore Girls.

Paris Geller: the character

Paris Geller is one of the first people Rory Gilmore meets when she transfers to Chilton Preparatory School, an elite private school. Paris is top of the class and used to being the best at everything; driven, competitive and frighteningly organized, Paris sees Rory as a rival and makes it her mission to “win” at Chilton.

Paris Geller enemies gif

Over time the two find they have more in common than they expected and both wind up going to Yale after they graduate Chilton. Paris arranges for them to be roommates as part of a self-discovery plan put together by her life coach. A major component of this self-discovery is learning to express herself through various arts and crafts projects, and that is what brings her into focus this month!

Paris Geller


Paris Geller: the look

Paris Geller’s outfits are often button-up business casual (unless she’s in her bathrobe). From her Chilton uniform to her college wardrobe, Paris likes to portray herself in a confident, yet restrained way. This specific look is based on a typical outfit, though with more modern options. A light blue scarf over a dark blue peplum gives the layered effect without putting a collared button-down under a sweater. White slacks are replaced with white skinny jeans, a two button smooth jacket updates the three button suede Paris wears, and a pair of low heeled boots ties the outfit together. The finishing touch is a Yale necklace, a nod to Paris Geller’s alma mater.

Are you excited for the return of Gilmore Girls this year? Think you’ll try some everyday cosplay looks based on Paris or any of the other characters? Share your looks with us!