It’s time for another everday cosplay, and this week we’re creating a look based on the popular game Neko Atsume–specifically based on the cat Peaches!

Peaches: the character

Neko Atsume is a mobile game that has become incredibly popular both for its adorable graphics but for its simplicity and ease of game play. In it, you have a little yard that you can fill with all sorts of toys and towers, baskets and other goodies to attract kitties to come hang out with you. The kitties play with the toys and eat the snacks and leave you the game’s currency, little fish that you can use to buy even more goodies for them to play with or eat. Each kitty has a unique look and personality, but one of the rarer cats to find is Peaches, a pinkish colored kitty with a little heart on its back. While not considered an official “rare cat” in the game (these have pun-tastic names and some even wear costumes), Peaches is nonetheless not often spotted in the yard.


Everyday Neko Atsume Peaches


Peaches: the look

To create a look based on Peaches, it’s really all about the color palette. The warm cream and soft pink colors of this kitty lend themselves to a floral, springtime look that could be dressed up or down. Both options that I’ve put together are decidedly lacy but I’m sure these colors could be paired with black to add a little edge. The color blocking here doesn’t quite line up with the cat’s body, but that’s okay– they key is to use both of the colors and to alternate where they appear.

To give the nod to kitty ears, I found a color-matched floral crown, but there are also a lot of cute cat-ear headbands on the market right now, with enough variety to match any personality. For Peaches, I went with a thin gold tone headband with little sparkly studs. Though it doesn’t exactly match this cat’s face, I found a handbag made to look like a Neko Atsume cat, and felt that the shoes could really go in any direction with the right color combination. In any case, a rose gold heart necklace is the polishing touch to the look, mirroring the heart-shaped patch on Peaches’s haunch and tying the whole look together.

That’s it for this week! Be sure to share you everyday cosplays with us using #igglescosplay and check back next week for a new theme and a new look!