Iggles Iggles Iggles! What a great month Supervillain Month has been! I had a fantastic time creating these looks each week and I am very much looking forward to creating looks for next month’s theme too!

To wrap up Supervillain Month, I wanted to share a quick and easy look for Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy.


Now, I went with her older comic book look more so than her newer movie counterpart just because she has more defined colors. The look is super simple to throw together as the two main colors are purple (magenta almost) and black!



Top – I wanted to make sure that for this there was some magenta on the upper half like her costume even though some of the upper half is black. So I decided to just take a magenta shirt and go with it. It was hard to find this color in similar styles for all sizes so I went with two different types of shirts. I chose a short sleeved magenta top that has a weird back to it but it’s okay because it’ll be covered up (Sizes: XL-3X) and a magenta tank top (Sizes: XS-XL). Both shirts come from Forever 21 and are reasonably priced!
Tights – These are once again courtesy of We Love Colors! Seriously, when I said they have every color, they do!


Shorts – I went with shorts since she’s got on what looks to be a leotard type uniform. Since her legs are magenta, I figured the shorts would be a better addition than a skirt or dress. However, you’re welcome to wear whatever is comfortable for you! I found Sateen Shorts from Torrid (Sizes: 12-26) and Cuffed Denim Shorts (Sizes: 24-31).
Cardigan – Since part of the arms on her costume are black I opted to do a black cardigan instead of a magenta one. I didn’t want to add too much magenta so to balance it out I added the black outerwear. I’m kind of doing the color blocking again, essentially. Both cardigans come from Forever 21 and they’re both the same style, just different sizes. Here is the size S-L and here is size XL-3X.
Shoes – The shoes are a stock pair from Polyvore but I went with a black ankle boot. You can obviously go with whatever black shoe is most comfortable for you to walk in.


Belt – In some of her older costumes she has a bright blue belt (though in the image used it looks like a black leather look) so I wanted to incorporate that. Is it tacky? I have no idea but for the sake of breaking up the black and magenta, I added a blue belt. It’s a stock one from Polyvore so hopefully you can find one! Otherwise, a black one is fine!


I couldn’t find any Nebula related jewelry so I went to Etsy and ended up finding this REALLY cute necklace inspired by the ORB from the film. It opens up and there are these little pieces of purple quartz stones. How cool! This comes from Etsy user TheBeeHive where they have loads of really cute fandom related jewelry.

So that’s it for Supervillain Month, you guys! I will be back next week with a look for next month’s theme!

Until then, keep calm and everyday cosplay on!