Hiya Iggles!

We all love our Everyday Cosplay,  and my job is to create awesome looks each week that are centered around each theme for the month. This month: Supervillains.

We love baddies. There’s something about them that almost always compromises our emotions and leaves us with the feels. Hating to love them is something every fangirl (or boy) deals with but you know what, that’s totally okay!

I am here this week to share with you guys an Everyday Cosplay look inspired by Mystique from the X-Men.

When I am building my Everyday Cosplay looks, I try to go for the colors or similar looking pieces with nods to the character sprinkled in. The point, majority of the time, is to not get too literal with it. But you can if you want to! No rules!

Mystique 2

I decided to go with her classic all white costume because aside from the films, it’s the one she’s most known for!

The three colors here are red, white and blue. Taking those colors I make sure that whatever I choose to build the look is in the same place as they are in her costume.

Mystique - X-Men


For this look (and probably every look) I will try my best to find items for plus sizes too. I know for me personally, when I am looking at Everyday Cosplay posts that link to clothing items, they aren’t ever in my size. It sucks. Also, every item here is just a suggestion (that I will link to for you to buy) and you don’t HAVE to do it exactly this way. Think of these as a guide!
Let’s break this down, shall we?


Dress – A white dress is key here. I know it’s a little intimidating to wear white especially if you’re someone like me who is pretty messy when it comes to just about anything involving food. I chose the Double-V Slip Dress (S-L) and the Textured Knit A-Line Dress (XL Note: F-21 has other white dresses beyond XL too!). You don’t have to go the strap or sleeveless route but since her dress has no sleeves I wanted to try to stay true!
Shoes – Not everyone likes heels so I gathered up a white heel and a white flat for options. They both come from Payless so you don’t even have to spend a ton of money on the shoes.


Hat – To pull in the red from her hair I thought I would bring in a hat. You CAN wear a wig if you’re wanting to but since it’s not exactly a cosplay, a hat would be perfect! I always go for hats when pulling in odd hair colors just because they’re what make the character distinguishable sometimes and I feel like the outfit would be lost without that color!


Tights – This outfit would not be complete with out her signature skin color. You can never go wrong with solid colored leggings or tights. These come from We Love Colors and they have a rainbow of colors and prints to choose from if the character you are dressing up as has a crazy colored skin tone. They also have plus sizes in their stockings/leggings too.
Cardigan – I thought the outfit needed more blue. Her skin is entirely the color and doing it on the legs just didn’t seem like enough for me, SO enter the cardigan. You can wear a cardigan with just about anything. Plus, short dresses seem to always look cute with one! The one I linked to is sizes S-L but you can easily find cardigans for bigger sizes online.


Earrings – She has skulls on her belt and on her forehead so it only seemed right to bring in those. I found these black earrings on the Polyvore site but they came from Tarina Tarantino and they have a pletora of colors to choose from if you wanted to get a little crazy.
So there you have it! Your own fashionable Everyday Cosplay look for Mystique. If you have (or plan to) Everyday Cosplay at all this month, share your looks with us!
Do you have a villain you want to see for next week? Tweet your suggestions to @likegwenstacy and I might create your suggestion next!