Our theme this month is fantasy and what better place to go than one of the earliest fantasy worlds many of us encounter? Narnia is magical and mysterious, full of interesting creatures and adventures around every corner. You might even have tea with a faun! This week our inspiration is Mr. Tumnus from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, so pour a cuppa and get ready to add a little classic magic to your Wardrobe.

Mr. Tumnus: the character

Mr. Tumnus is the first person that Lucy Pevensie encounters when she steps through the wardrobe in a spare room and finds herself in the wintry world of Narnia. Tumnus is a faun and very polite to Lucy, even inviting her back to his home for tea. Though under orders from the White Witch to trap and turn over any human found in the woods to her secret police, Tumnus’s conscience gets the best of him and he finds that he’s got to do the right thing, even if it costs him his life. Tumnus is principled and loyal to what he believes, a good friend to have in a tight spot, and someone who shows how an ordinary person can have an extraordinary impact on the world around them. Though he lives alone in a small cave and doesn’t have much experience of the larger world, his friendship with Lucy provides the foundation for the Pevensies’ arrival in Narnia and the downfall of the White Witch. Not bad for a humble faun!


Everyday Mr. Tumnus


Mr. Tumnus: the look

For this look I’ve gone with a more modern twist on some classic English fashion to create an outfit that evokes our favorite faun. For the base I chose a brushed brown pant to give the feel of furry legs without actually having to wear something too fluffy. Though Tumnus himself is bare-chested, I went with a tweed top in complimentary colors to the rest of the outfit. Tweed is almost stereotypically English, but the pleating to a near peplum and checked pattern make this top a good modern alternative. The trench coat is a wrap and in a color often associated with “fauns” or their real life deer counterparts, and of course I included a red knit scarf like the one worn in the films. The shape and height of the heel on the boots are evocative of hooves, and the two tone pattern even mimics the ankle and toe of the faun. Antler earrings and ring provide a hint of stag-like features, and the final touch is a black umbrella, which Mr. Tumnus is never without.