Hey there, hi there, ho there Iggles!

We’ve been back from camp for a few weeks now, but September brought on a brand new theme which is back to school! But not back to just any school, back to FICTIONAL school. This means yours truly gets to create some everyday cosplays inspired by some of the best fictional schools out there.

Now, we got such AMAZING feedback from you all about the everyday cosplay we did during camp (by the way, you all did AMAZING! I wish I could go back and dish out more achievements to you guys because WOW!) so this time we’re going to be letting you all join in!

Every month a new forum topic will open up for you guys to post and share links to your everyday cosplay looks! So if you want to participate in this theme, head on over to the forum to share your look. Each week I will pick a few to showcase at the end of that weeks post, so be sure to provide correct links and image sizes because you might just be seen in next week’s post!


So, with this being a fictional school theme I couldn’t resist trying to bring two of my favorite Disney Pixar characters to life. Both Mike and Sully attended Monsters University (MU) where they met and became friends.

For this look, I created both Mike and Sully using some affordable fashions from Forever 21 and various other sites like Etsy and We Love Colors!

So let’s get into the looks, shall we?

CaptureFor both of the looks, I tried to go with a comfy look for that end of summer feel. We’re nearing the end and moving into Fall which means its time to break out the leggings and boots and sweaters. Basically the best time of the year.


Let me start by saying that it was pretty hard to find a top in that shade of green. Mike also has no contrasting color so I didn’t want to do a top AND bottom in green. So for the top, I found a lime green (practically neon) Raglan top (Sizes XL – 3X $5.99). Since I didn’t want to pair it with green bottoms I chose to go with white as a contrasting color. For that, I went with white leggings from We Love Colors (Sizes XL-3X $26.00). To tie the look together I found green converse on the Polyore app but you can go with any green shoe (Keds, Vans etc) and a green Jansport backpack ($36.00)!


Thankfully Sully has two colors in his fur which gave me two colors to work with. I went with a blue long sleeve Crew Neck Sweater (Sizes S-L $8.90) and purple leggings (Sizes XS-S in this style but you can also look for a pair on We Love Colors for different shades of purple and various sizes $3.90). To finish off this look, I found a blue pair of converse from the Polyvore app (again any shoe will do here!) and a blue Jansport backpack as well!

For the accessories I added a pin that’s the shape of one of the doors that they go through in the films that you can wear on you sweater (Etsy user PinItPals $5.99USD), Mike and Sully pins that you can add to your backpack (Etsy user SweetestNerdyDreams $3.00USD for both) and just to be fun I found some Monsters University student ID cards (Etsy user FamousIDs $14.02USD ships from the UK).

And voila! You’re ready for you first scare class!

Remember, share your back to (fictional) school looks in the forum! It doesn’t have to be from Monsters Inc, it can be from literally any fictional school you can think of (or wished you could attend in real life). I cant wait to see what looks you guys come up with!

See you next week, Iggles!

Remember, keep calm and everyday cosplay on!