I know it’s been a little while since I wrote my last everyday cosplay post, and for that I apologize. Today, though, I’ve got some fun new looks for you, direct from some of our super creative Disneybounding iggles!

First, we’ve got Mathilde with two awesome looks. The first is the White Rabbit from Disney’s 1951 Alice in Wonderland. I love her attention to detail here, from the clock jewelry to the charm bracelet, and the nod to the Rabbit’s white collar. The headband bow is a nice way to include a taste of Alice in this as well, and the belt is adorable. Fantastic!

disneybounding feature, Mathilde as the White RabbitHer next look is from Toy Story: one of the claw machine aliens! Again, the jewelry is great (I’d love to have a set of those google-eye earrings!) and the colors are spot-on. I particularly like the way the jacket’s piping mirrors the space-suit look. Plus the purple collar on her layered shirt totally evokes the ring collar on the aliens. Love it!

disneybounding feature, Mathilde as a Toy Story alien

Next we’ve got two very creative looks from Steena Williams, who enjoys challenging herself to put together the more obscure characters and/or Disney park locations. Her first Disneybound is actually based on the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater at Hollywood Studios park in Orlando, Florida. She’s got a fabulous blend of 1950s style with sci-fi accessories, and I particularly dig the lightening bolt plus yellow hair-bow pair. Retro Disney chic!

Disneybounding feature, Steena sci-fi dine in theaterSteena’s second look is Nancy, the erstwhile girlfriend of Robert in Disney’s Enchanted. Nancy is a modern New York woman who yearns for a prince charming and happily ever after, and is more than thrilled to go to the medieval-themed ball and live her dream. Steena captures the look of Nancy’s ball gown with this renaissance-esque layered skirt and ruched top, plus classic accessories and makeup. Lovely!

Disneybounding feature, Steena as Nancy from Enchanted
Special thanks to Mathilde and Steena for sending me these images and letting me feature them on the blog. Come hang out with these awesome ladies and the rest of us Bounders on the forums, and be sure to share your looks with us. Geek fashion is SO hot right now.  ~_^

If you’d like to be featured, or if you’ve got a request for content (specific everyday cosplay ideas? shopping tips? websites with good stuff?), let me know in the comments below!