This month as we “Play With Pixels,” we’re looking at some iconic video game characters! This week’s look is inspired by none other than the plumber and princess-rescuer extraordinaire, Mario!

Mario: the character

Mario first appeared on the video game scene in 1981 as a character called “Jumpman” in the game Donkey Kong. He wasn’t too nice to his pet ape, who escapes and proceeds to wreak havoc until Jumpman can find a way to stop him, and rescue his kidnapped girlfriend no less. He was renamed “Mario” for the next Donkey Kong game, and then by 1983 was popular enough to get his own arcade game. This time paired with his brother, Luigi, he had to battle his way through the sewers of New York. Eventually the brothers transitioned to console games and Super Mario Brothers exploded into video game history. Many, many people of my generation grew up with a whole lot of: “Sorry, your princess is in another castle.” This of course led to a whole new style of video games, and eventually to everything from MarioKart to Super Smash Bros and beyond as Nintendo took its place as one of the top gaming companies.


Everyday Mario


Mario: the look

To pull Mario’s red and blue color palette into an everyday cosplay style, I’ve gone with some high-waisted pants, almost like a romper but not quite a full single piece. I really like the buttons on this piece and how they mimic his overalls. You could also just wear jeans with this look to make it even more casual. I picked a fitted, long-sleeve blouse to give the top of the outfit the red color block, and topped it with a red sunhat. Brown ankle boots are cute and versatile in your everyday wardrobe; I’m all about things that can work for multiple outfits and boots like this are definitely multi-tasking pieces. The finishing touch to this look is a mustache necklace that’s sure to make you stand out. Can’t find a necklace? Mustaches are popular enough right now I’m sure you can find the right accessory for you!

What’s your favorite Mario game? Did you grow up with Super Mario Brothers, Mario Kart, or something else? Let me know in comments, and be sure to check out #igglescosplay to find other everyday cosplayers!