Welcome back to another Supervillain themed Everyday Cosplay look! Thanks for all the rad comments on the Mystique post!

Today I bring you an outfit inspired by Erik Magnus Lehnsherr aka Magneto. Despite being one of the biggest baddies in Marvel history, I do have quite the soft spot for Magnus. He’s pretty high up on the villains I love to hate list.


As I stated in the first post, I also included links to plus sized items (that I could find that weren’t really expensive i.e. Forever 21 will probably be used a lot) and these are just suggestions for Everyday Cosplay ideas and not rules. Think of them as a helpful guide?



The colors for this look are red and purple. Not exactly my favorite color combo but it works for him. When trying to translate it into an everyday look, I thought I would go for a more comfy-casual look. That “just going to run some errands or hang out with friends” feel.


Pants – One of the best things to come along in a really long time is the colored jean. For those of us who prefer jeans over pants, the ability to wear any color we want with our outfits has been nice. I managed to find a decently priced pair of red jeans at booth Charlotte Russe (sizes 18-24 @ $32.99) and a pair on Forever 21 (sized 25-30* @ $14.80). If you’re NOT a jeans or pants lover, red leggings never hurt anyone.

Shirt – I know that he has long sleeves going on but I opted for a basic cami top from Forever 21 (XL-2X and S-XL). Cami’s are really inexpensive and you can get as many in any shade you want for future looks. Female style muscle tanks are also an option as well as just going ahead to wear long sleeves if you’re wanting to.

Hat – He has a red and purple helmet on and to incorporate that I added a red knit beanie. This was just a stock one from Polyvore but beanies aren’t that hard to find! I prefer oversized slouchy ones so I picked that style for this. I feel like those slouchy beanies add to the comfy-casual look and they’re also REALLY cute on just about everyone.


We are totally going to pretend the purple diaper looking part doesn’t exist, okay? Okay.

Cardigan – Again, you can’t go wrong with a cardigan. I love them. I couldn’t find two to present you in size options so I used a stock one from Polyvore. If you’re going to go the cardigan route (which if you manage to find a nice flowy one, will totally incorporate the cape look and feel) try Forever 21 in store, Old Navy in store and maybe even a Ross.

Belt – He has a belt holding up his underwear so I just decided to add that part of the costume to the look. A chunky purple belt or whatever one you can find will add that pop of purple to break up the red from your top and bottom.

Shoes – I love the look of Keds (or slip on Vans OOOOR Converse) with skinny jeans so I opted to add Keds to this look. But fear not, for those of us who don’t like to spend a ton of money on shoes, Payless has not one but two different styles of Airwalk sneakers that come in purple! This one is more of a Converse look while this one is more of a Keds look.


Earrings – You can’t go wrong with little Magnus helmets on your ears! I found these cuties on Etsy from THEmermaidsaysMARKET and they are just the right touch to complete the outfit! If you’re not an earring lover, Etsy also has Magnus themed necklaces that you can choose from.

I hope you enjoyed this look! It was fun (but also kind of challenging) to try to come up with something that didn’t have an obnoxious amount of purple in it but luckily just about every bit is broken up with red so it wont clash too much!

If you have any requests for the next Everyday Cosplay look for Supervillains Month, shoot a tweet at me (at)likegwenstacy and I might create it!