This month’s theme is Bookish Birthday, so the book character that inspires this everyday cosplay look is Madeline, of the classic picture book!

Madeline: the character

The opening of that first book by Ludwig Bemelmans is ingrained into many childhoods and many memories: “In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines. The smallest one was Madeline.” Madeline is an outgoing, brave, and kind little girl whose adventures are chronicled in a series of picture books, as well as tv shows and even a feature length film. She makes friends with everyone she meets, and her days in Paris (and all over the world– she’s become quite the traveler since those first stories) she learns a lot about life and how to be her best self. Madeline loves to have fun, and can get into trouble sometimes, too, but with the help of her teacher, Miss Clavel, and her other boarding school friends she always manages to come out all right.


Everyday Cosplay: Madeline


Madeline: the look

For this everyday cosplay look, I went with Madeline’s blue dress uniform. She’s also got a yellow dress that’s often worn with a bright yellow hat, but I liked this more classic look as an everyday outfit. There are two dress options because the one with the white collar is fairly on the nose, and the other more fitted dress will still evoke the look while being flattering on a different figure. (I know I prefer a fitted waistline!) To make up for the white collar, I included a white scarf that can wrap close to the neck, though you could also use a pan collar necklace to get the same feel. Black Mary Jane style shoes and a cute straw had with a black band top off the main pieces, and a little Eiffel Tower necklace is the finishing touch to put this outfit together.

Have you got another idea for how to dress like Madeline? Got another everyday cosplay look you want to share? Use #igglescosplay and we’ll see you online!