We’re on the last week of Back To (Fictional) School which means it’s time to go out with one of my favorite characters of all time: Ginger!

Ginger and her two besties attend Lucky Junior High where they try to fit in, but are also okay with being themselves. They spend years trying to find a balance and learning life lessons along the way. They love being themselves and I loved watching them be themselves. Overall, the show was really cute and I loved the life lessons the characters learned.

If you grew up watching Nickelodeon in the early 2000’s then you might’ve seen this precious gem of a show As Told By Ginger. And today, we’re doing one of the more easier to create looks, which is Ginger’s kind of ‘stock outfit’ if you will. She gets to wear so many cute outfits in the show, but I believe this one was from the pilot episode.

as-told-by-gingerLike I said above, this is really easy. Yellow top and blue bottoms. The types of tops and bottoms you can use are pretty much endless. So go with whatever makes you comfortable.

CaptureI went with two different options for the top. A cable knit sweater (Sizes S-L $19.80) and a cute button up that ties in the front (Sizes XL-3X $17.90). It looks like she maybe wears a sweater, but who knows because it’s a cartoon. For the bottoms I found some blue options. Knit trousers (Sizes XS-L $14.90) and short skinny jeans (Sizes 12-18 $19.80). For the round up of the accessories I did an orange backpack ($58) because of her hair. I found this three way best friends necklace that I think she’d probably wear, if she were real in 2015. One slice for herself and her two besties (or your two other besties if you have two to share with). It comes from Etsy user TinksbyJustine for $19.94. For the shoes I just used a pair that was already on the Polyvore site, which are yellow converse.

And that’s all there really is to it! Ginger Foutley approved!

Don’t forget that you can participate now in these by submitting your themed looks to the forum. It does NOT have to be based on whatever I chose for each week as long as it fits the Back To (Fictional) School theme!

I will be back next month with the next theme!