What a great month October is! It means large amounts of candy, Halloween decorations, horror films on TV and most importantly, a new theme.

This month’s theme is Dark Fairy Tales. I am not going to lie here, this theme stumped me. I didn’t want to go literal (as in present costumes) and I didn’t want to go too scary (as in “take this fake blood and pour it all over you”) so I did what I do best which is just give you fashionable looks with a few eyebrow raising accessories sprinkled in.

Once again, if you want to participate in this month’s theme by showing off your own dark fairy tale everyday look, head over to the forum and submit your looks to be featured on posts for this month!

For the first dark fairy tale, I went with clever little Red Riding Hood. Er..actually..maybe she’s actually not that clever.

In the true story of Little Red Riding Hood, when the wolf arrived early it actually killed the grandmother and chopped her up into pieces. It put the skin in the cupboards and put the blood in bottles to make it look like wine. When Red gets to the house, the wolf tells her to get something to eat and..well..she does. You can guess where that story is headed.

So, let’s figure out how to do a not so gory treatment of this story, shall we?

CaptureFor the dress, I managed to find the exact same dress in both size options. Kudos Forever 21! Red wears a red dress with a white apron so I nixed the apron and just found a fashionable red lace dress. Sizes S-L ($27.90) and Sizes XL-3X ($29.90). Now, if you’re wanting to go for a sort of literal look here for a halloween party or something, you can add a white apron by either making one or buying one for really cheap online.

Again, since I chose not to go literal, I removed her signature red cape in favor of a red hat. Any red hat will do but I found this one on Forever 21 for $22.90. But if you want to go literal (again…) for that halloween look, lots of places online sell red hooded capes at decent prices.

Now for the fun bits! I found this really cool wolf necklace with a “real wolf tooth” (not sure if it’s actually real or not) in it. It’s from Etsy user GOTHMAIDEN and you can snag it for $24 USD. Then to bring in the fact that her grandma was chopped up to bits and essentially fed to her, I found these severed pinky toe earrings from user Trulyspecialoccasion for a nice $5 USD.

To wrap up the look, pair it all with a straw/wicker purse to mimic the basket she carried her goodies in and a pair of black shoes.

That’s all there is to it!

Don’t forget to submit your looks to the forum so that Iggles everywhere can see your spooky fashion looks!

Until next week!