Greetings Iggles and welcome to Jurassic Park!

In honor of Jurassic World coming out this Friday, I thought I would dedicate this weeks Everyday Cosplay to the guy who started it all, John Hammond. There is no denying that for some, John holds a special place in our hearts. He brought us a park full of dinosaurs. Granted, they weren’t all successful and would have most likely killed us if Jurassic Park were in fact real BUT…it’s the closest we got and he gave it to us!


John Hammond was played by the great Richard Attenborough and the outfit of choice for him was pretty iconic (even though it’s not the most practical). A somewhat modern day Colonel Sanders if you will.

He has no color on him so the outfits I came up with are all white. Not recommended if you’re someone who gets dirty easily…or are planning to do something outdoorsy and want to maintain that crisp look. HOWEVER, a little dirt never hurt anyone and it would definitely add to the look and feel of what Jurassic Park turned out to be towards the end. So go roll in some mud.


jurassic park john hammond


For the main part of this outfit I went with a dress instead of pants and a button up. However, I wanted to try to find some dresses that gave off the look of a button up or a ‘classy’ top without actually being one. Thankfully good ol’ Forever 21 came through again. I found a collared blouse dress (size small currently but F21 has plenty of similar style dresses) and chiffon shirt dress (sizes XL-3X).

I paired the dresses with a pair of white tights (or leggings if you need something thicker) from We Love Colors.

In the movie, he wears white boots but I wanted to get something a bit more practical. However, finding shoes for various sizes to use is hard so I used a pair of white vans from the Polyvore app. Any kind of white shoes will do here you can use whatever you have or just buy whatever is comfortable for you!

Accessories for this look include the iconic straw hat which I found at Forever 21 as well. The one I found has a black ribbon around it but you can easily swap it for a white one to match John’s hat if you’re feeling up for it. I also added some jewelry to the look. A triceratops dinosaur necklace from Etsy user PeculiarCollective and to add the amber from John’s cane with the mosquito in it, I found an inexpensive (the cheapest I could find that looks like it might have a bug in it) ring from Etsy user TreasureCoveJewels.

And that’s really all you need to become your favorite Dino scientist! I was going to create a look for MY favorite Jurassic Park character Ian Malcolm but upon further research he’s a mathematician and not a scientist…oh well!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars as Jurassic World comes to a big screen near you on Friday June 12th!