This week’s Play With Pixels look comes from the world of Animal Crossing. Let’s put together an outfit inspired by Isabelle!

Isabelle: the character

Isabelle is a character in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and is players’ assistant as they take on the role of mayor in their town. She tends to be klutzy and accident prone, but is cheerful and helpful as well. She’s friendly and outgoing and wants to make her town a better place as she helps each player build the best place possible. Her clothes change to match the season, and in the autumn she wears a warm yellow cardigan in her tasks around the town.

Everyday Isabelle


Isabelle: the look

The trick with creating a closet cosplay of an animal character, especially one with brightly colored fur, is to break down where each color appears and treat it like color blocking. I chose a sunflower yellow cardigan like the one Isabelle wears in the autumn and paired it with a white blouse that has a ribbon similar to the red one she wears, and a green skirt to match hers. Then I added a pair of light yellow flats to evoke her light yellow legs, and a combination ponytail clip and head wrap to create the look of ears plus her iconic red hair tie. To bring home her adorable doggie features, I topped it all off with a cute little puppy brooch. The finishing touch is a bell necklace, like the “belle” in her name and the one she wears. Other alternatives might include a plain white camisole with a red ribbon necklace to more closely match the one Isabelle wears. The beauty of everyday cosplaying is that it doesn’t have to exactly mirror the character; flavors that give the feel of what you’re going for work just as well, and are sometimes more fun.

Do you play Animal Crossing? What’s your favorite part of the game? Let me know in comments below, and don’t forget to use #igglescosplay to find other everyday cosplayers!