This month we’re celebrating bookish birthdays, and this week’s look is inspired by none other than the book-loving brilliant witch, Hermione Granger!

Hermione Granger: the character

Hermione Granger is the bee’s knees. She’s smart and capable, brave and loyal, and isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Though she can be a stickler for following the rules, she’s also smart and observant enough to see when the rules (or laws, as the case may be) aren’t actually just and need to be changed. She also knows that sometimes having your friends’ backs means you’ve got to take the fall for getting the three of you attacked by a giant mountain troll. She loves books with a passion rivaled by none (except perhaps Madam Pince) and is never far from a little “light reading,” no matter how much she has to carry.

Hermione Granger



Hermione Granger: the look

For this Hermione-inspired outfit, I’ve gone with the school uniform from her first years at Hogwarts. Though her fashion sense expanded a lot (especially in the films), Hermione was always good at making the rules work for her. The layered white-collar-with-gray-sweater is a Hogwarts uniform staple, as is basic, lace-up shoes. To give this look a little more flair, I’ve gone with Dr. Martens and a pair of snazzy Gryffindor socks (which Hermione would totally rock to the Quidditch match to support her house team), and a lion brooch to add some sparkle to her collar. I’ve also included a book-charm necklace because Hermione would never go anywhere without something to read, and this looks like a shrinking charm got placed on a hardback.

This wasn’t an easy look to put together as a true “everyday cosplay” because it’s so easy to move into full blown cosplay with it. A school uniform can be pretty easy to come by, and the Hogwarts sweaters exist in real life! Remember that the idea of closet cosplay is to put together an outfit you could wear in everyday life, and you’ll have it every time!

So what did you think? Is this a look you’d rock? Got suggestions or requests? Leave them in comments below, and use #igglescosplay to find other iggle fashionistas!