Lumos! I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!

In honor of Potter Week (which we’re doing with Common Room) I wanted to dedicate this week’s Everyday Cosplay look to the sweetest, sassiest, way too nice (sometimes) for her own good wizard, Hermione Granger.

Hermione can be a bit of a pain sometimes but you can’t deny she’s the smartest wizard of her kind. She has overcome a lot of obstacles by being a muggle born wizard but that doesn’t stop her from still being her.

She is another one of those characters that is a mix of all three categories for this month’s theme.


Hermione gets to wear a lot of really stylish outfits later on in the series, but her ‘school uniform’, if you will, is one of my favorite looks of hers.



Going with old faithful, I found two plain white button up collared shirts at Forever 21. Boxy Pocket Shirt (Sizes S-L $15.90) and Classic Two Pocket Shirt (Sizes XL-3X $19.90). These would work perfectly but if you can manage to find a short sleeved button up that might be better since you’re going to be wearing a cardigan over it all.

Speaking of, here are the cardigans!  They’re ones I’ve used before: Longline V-Neck Cardigan (Sizes XL-3X $15.90) and the Classic V-Neck Cardigan (Sizes S-L $8.90).



She wears what looks like either a pleated skirt or some kind of wrap skirt but I was able to find a skater skirt and a midi skirt that could work. Scuba Knit Midi Skirt (Sizes XL-3X $15.90) and a Classic Skater Skirt (Sizes XS-L $5.90).


Everything Nice:

To round up the look, grab a pair of black stockings (I used ones from We Love Colors) and your black Mary Jane shoes. For that Hogwarts feel, I added a Gryffindor tie from Think Geek and a Time Turner necklace from Etsy shop user CreativeTsuera.

And that’s all, Iggles!

Dressing up as Hermione can be as easy and fun as you make it.

Is Hermione your favorite wizard? If not, who is? Have you already Everyday Cosplayed that character?

Mischief managed! Nox!