This week for our Everyday Cosplay look, I wanted to bring in a little spice in the form of one of the meanest bullies on TV in the 90s, Helga Pataki. Now, Helga wasn’t JUST a meanie, she’s also deep down a little nice, and have a soft spot for Arnold.

In the right light, she could be a mix of all three.

helga pataki

Helga’s look is pretty basic. However, I am not personally fond of layering turtlenecks with dresses so I avoided that overall look. But if you want to go big or go home, go for it. It was definitely a challenge to find a short sleeved turtleneck, but a high collared t-shirt could also do the trick.



These dresses I found on Forever 21. They aren’t as basic as Helga’s, but I think they both add a bit more of a feminine look to the outfit, as opposed to what appears to be a boxy dress she wears. I found a Woven Crossback (Sizes S-L $19.80) and a Crochet Trimmed Babydoll dress (Sizes XL-3X $29.90). I personally love the look of both of these but you’re always able to go more basic if these particular silhouettes don’t work for you.


Instead of doing the white short sleeved turtleneck for layering, I opted for a white cardigan instead. You can’t go wrong with cardigans, I say that ALL the time. Plus, I think it personally looks a lot more fashionable! Both of these are also at Forever 21 and I have probably featured them before in one of these posts. Classic V-Neck (Sizes S-L $8.90) and Classic V-Neck (Sizes XL-3X $10.90).


For the shoes, I used white converse, but she actually has no color on her shoes, so if you want to be accurate, then an all white Keds brand shoe might work, or even all white flats. To tie in the red stripe she has at the bottom half of her dress, I brought in a red waist belt. I am really fond of waist belts as they help accentuate curves and also can be a pop of color for any dress you might have. You can’t wear this look without a pink hair bow, so I added one of those, too. Lastly, I found a brooch featuring Arnold on it that you can pin to your cardigan! It comes from Etsy shop FantasticalFunShop.

Now that you’ve got your look, you can go out into the world and let everyone know that you’re in love with a football headed boy, but also that you might punch them if they cross you.

Until next week, Iggles!