Harley Quinn is a classic character that most people either REALLY love or REALLY dislike. Either way, you can’t deny that her costume is recognizable almost anywhere and anytime someone wears the color combo of red and black you almost always think of her.

For this look, I was mostly inspired by her current New 52 costume of the shorts and corset.

Harley Quinn


So when I went into making this look I stuck with red and black but I tried to layer the colors instead of making everything you wear be half black and half red.


Harley Quinn



Shorts – I chose to have the shorts be red because it’s more fun than making them black. I managed to find decent looking and priced ones at both Forever 21 (Sizes 24-31) and Fashion To Figure (Plus Sizes 0-2). Her shorts are pretty short and tight and I know that’s not for everyone so obviously feel free to get shorts that make you most comfortable (or a skirt too..skirts are just as awesome!)

Shoes – Red ankle boots are what I chose. They were stock from Polyvore as I couldn’t find any on the web to link to that were decently priced. I also thought a red shoe would be fun to wear than just plain black but again, go with what’s easier and affordable for you.

Jacket – She doesn’t wear a jacket but I also don’t think most people leave the house without some form of outerwear. I could have gone with ol’ faithful and plop in a cardigan but those don’t seem like her style. So a faux leather jacket from Forever 21 (Sizes S-L and the Plus Size one is on the jacket page but when you click it nothing happens so you might want to try looking elsewhere).


Shirt – I chose a crop top for this look because her tummy shows in her costume. However, if you’re not up for crop tops there are plenty of other options! I am also a firm believer in crop tops being for everyone so I chose it for both sizing examples. I found them at Rainbow (Sizes 1X-3X) and Forever 21 (Sizes S-L).

Leggings – Back again with another We Love Colors product! Black thigh high leggings since she has thigh highs on as well. Now, if you’re up for wearing one red and one black, WLC is really affordable and so purchasing two pairs isn’t expensive, plus you’ll have one set in each color if you don’t like the two tone look on you!


Necklace – As if the outfit isn’t Harley enough, we’ll make sure people know by pairing it with some jewelry! This necklace is actually a laser cut birch wood necklace from Etsy user ObakeStyle. I really loved the look of it and she just looks so cute! If necklaces aren’t your deal, Etsy is filled with earrings, bracelets and more to fit your accessory needs for Harley!

As you can see, everything is layered red, black, red, black, etc. The outfit is essentially up to you so you can change the colors around to fit what you have in your closet or what you prefer on your body!

Next week is the last week for Supervillain Month and if you want to see a particular villain, tweet me @LikeGwenStacy on Twitter with your request!

See you next week, Iggles!