Hello there, Everyday Cosplayers! Halloween is fast approaching, and with is comes the daunting task of choosing the perfect costume. It can be hard to think of something different or that isn’t out of a package at the theme shop (though I’ve found some fun things there over the years). Maybe you want to get into the spirit of things but don’t have any specific plans or maybe you just want to rock a new style for the season. In any case, I’ve got some fun inspiration right here for you, direct from The Nerdy Girlie herself, Megan Gotch!

Megan has shared with us five of her own designed everyday cosplay looks that can easily translate into a great Halloween costume, along with some tips and tricks that we’ll get into below. For now, let’s start with everyone’s favorite consulting detective, Sherlock.

The Nerdy Girlie everyday cosplay  SherlockJoanna: I love the layered look of this one, and the shoes look totally comfortable for wearing all night at a party or just for giving candy to the local trick-or-treaters. I especially dig the details of the wide lapel coat and scarf!
Megan: Sherlock is not Sherlock without his navy blue scarf and long trench coat!

Next up we’ve got the ever entertaining and chaotic Harley Quinn. Her outfits run the gamut but always with the same red and black color scheme.

The Nerdy Girlie everyday cosplay  Harley Quinn
Megan: Harley Quinn is tricky because you cannot buy items in two different colors without spending two times the money! BUT she wears the perfect Autumn and Winter color scheme, so her pieces can easily be merged into your wardrobe.
Joanna: I’m all for pieces that can do double or triple duty. Multitasking wardrobes are great, especially if you invest in something. I also found this Harley makeup tutorial that looks like a ton of fun.

For our next look, here’s a classic John Cusack character: Lloyd Dobler. From the 1989 film Say Anyrthing…, Lloyd is the underdog average guy trying to woo the smart and beautiful Diane before the end of summer and her move to England for university.

The Nerdy Girlie everyday cosplay  Lloyd DoblerMegan: You cannot dress as Lloyd Dobler without the long trench or a boom box! Lloyd is music.
I love those boots, and the tee is such a great touch!

Our next inspired outfit is based on this year’s fun flick The Lego Movie! (You can read my review of it here, if you like. ^_^) Unikitty is probably my favorite character from this movie, from her bubbling creativity to her darker streak when other people just can’t be happy and get along.

The Nerdy Girlie everyday cosplay UnikittyJoanna: I love this one. Everything about it is cure, and it’d be so easy to just add a unicorn horn to the headband and a blue tail to the back to turn this into a full costume. And the pink!
Megan: If you are not covered in pink, you are not Unikitty!

For our final look, here’s another classic 80s character. John Bender, of The Breakfast Club, was the antagonist who also managed to be the glue that created the friendships that make that movie great.

The Nerdy Girlie everyday cosplay  John BenderMegan: John Bender’s look is all 80’s, and the flannel defiantly defines his look.
Joanna: You sold me with the flannel. It’s such a comfy thing to wear, and works all through the fall and the milder parts of winter. And jean jackets are trendy again right now, so pretty easy to find!

Now some general tips from Megan for all of your everyday cosplaying queries.

First, how did you put together these looks?
I put each of these looks together using Polyvore. I just recently began using this site and find it highly addicting and a godsend! I have been making Everyday Cosplays for almost two years now and Polyvore couldn’t make it more easier! You can search by color, item or theme. You can even go back and edit them and it updates it for you automatically, so as you grow as a designer you can update your works.

Before I begin I bring up a picture of the character to reference. While creating the look I like to update it for the modern times we live in and try to make it a bit “hip.”

What are some staples you keep in your closet that work for a lot of costumes and everyday looks?
I actually am working on a post about this right now! (Now posted!) For fall I find myself wearing a lot of leggings, sweaters and scarves in multiple colors that can be used as “ties,” headbands or to bring in a specific color you need for your cosplay.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? (Unless it’s a secret still!)
Oh NO! I haven’t even thought about it yet! But now that I think about it…it MIGHT be one of the ones we have talked about above 😉

The Nerdy Girlie as John.Bender, everyday cosplay

MANY THANKS to Megan for putting together all of these wonderful Halloween ideas for us! Check out her blog for more everyday cosplay goodness, including her actual John Bender-inspired look, seen above. Have a safe and fun Halloween, everyone, and be sure to let us know what you end up wearing in the comments below! ^_^