If there is one thing I love about the 90s, it’s definitely the fashion. Growing up in the 1990’s, I was given a wardrobe of complete and utter beauty. From overalls to Kangol hats. From platform sneakers to LA Gear track outfits. There is just something magical about the clothes from that decade.

I am so jazzed that the theme this month is one so near and dear to me. I constantly wish I could go back to the 90s and bring all the fashion back with me because even though it exists to some degree now, it’s just not the same!

For the first everyday cosplay of the month with the 90’s theme I am going to go with two characters from one of my all time favorite family shows: Carlton and Will from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR -- Season 5 -- Pictured: (l-r) Will Smith as William 'Will' Smith, Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton Banks -- Photo by: Gary Null/NBCU Photo Bank

The fashion in this show was so amazing. You had the Banks family that was rich and dressed as such with power suits complete with shoulder pads and jewelry to boot. Then you had Will who wasn’t born rich and dressed in what is technically 90s street fashion. Lots of bold colors, mixing and matching of patterns and some amazing hats!

Now, like I said above, the 90s style is somewhat making its rotation again but I also can’t seem to make it feel JUST right. But I took to my favorite cheap place, Forever 21, and came up with some pretty cute and cool ideas…I hope!


Will (top):

Like I said above, Will was almost always seen wearing crazy colors and patterns. I wanted to try to bring that in but at the same time keeping it somewhat themed in its color but mixing up patterns. I found a pair of jean (or chambray) overalls that really just scream 90s even if you weren’t going for this look. They are the Chambray Overalls and they run in sizes 24-31 in what I assume is petite or ‘industry size’ and they”ll cost you about $35 USD. For the top I wanted to try to find the craziest printed long sleeve I could but the site is sort of lacking in that department. I did find a houndstooth print that is really cool though. This is the Houndstooth Pullover and it runs in sizes S-L and will cost you about $16 USD. For the shoes I pulled a pair of dotted sneakers from the Polyvore app but the gist is to just find and wear the craziest print or color shoes you can. The brighter the better! For accessories I found a really amazing color blocked five panel hat that is a once size fits all deal and will cost around $7 USD. The hat comes in three styles of different colors so you can pick! Etsy has some really great Fresh Prince themed jewelry so I pulled in this acrylic laser cut Fresh Prince necklace from user VonTrashJewellery. It’s going to be coming from the UK and will cost around $14 USD but keep in mind shipping!

Carlton (bottom):

Carlton is the more preppy of the two. He dresses in sweater vests, layers and almost always has his shirts tucked in. Basically, think of that prep school type garb and that’s Carlton. For this look I wanted to bring in that same vibe! So, I first scouted for a sweater and found the Varsity Striped Ribbed Sweater and it’s for sizes XL-3X and will cost you about $23 USD. Next I wanted to bring in the button up undershirt he sometimes (or all the time) wears and I found a Classic Two-Pocket for sizes XL-3X as well and will run you about $23 USD too. For the bottom, I didn’t just want to go with pants so I found a really cute black Ribbed Pencil Skirt in sizes XL-3X and it’s about $18 USD. For an accessory, I found a charm bracelet on Etsy that has the faces of all the cast. I figure Carlton would either be the charm bracelet type or someone that would wear just his own face on something. I paired the look with a red dotted bow tie but you’re welcome to go with a regular standard tie if you like. And for shoes, something simple like black flats or maybe even Mary Janes would suffice. He doesn’t seem to get too crazy with those things.

I really love these looks. It makes me want to go thrifting to get some crazy printed sweaters or something.

What 90’s theme would you like to see me do a look for next? Leave your comments below or tweet me @likegwenstacy and maybe I’ll do it!

Until next time, Iggles!