This month’s theme has been Notice Me Senpai, and when the IGGPPC staff talked about it, several of us decided we wanted none other than Captain America to notice us. He’s older, he’s handsome, and he’s loyal to a fault, so that’s why Cap is our last everyday cosplay look for February!

Captain America: the character

Captain America began life as Steve Rogers, a “scrawny” kid who grew up during the Great Depression of the 1920s. He wanted nothing but to enlist in the army in 1941, but failed the physical assessment every time. Finally he volunteered for Operation: Rebirth, a secret project with a goal of creating super-soldiers, pushed to the extreme of human capabilities. Steve was the first test subject, and it was a roaring success: he changed in a huge way physiologically, increasing his strength and agility to the highest possible levels.

Unfortunately the creator of the serum that transformed Steve was assassinated before anyone else could be treated, so Steve became one of a kind. He was given the code name Captain America and sent out on propaganda missions (as well as some espionage). Cap fought around the world throughout World War II until he went down with a plane into the north Atlantic and went into a frozen suspension, but alive thanks to the super-soldier serum. When he was unfrozen much later, he teamed up with the Avengers to keep fighting for justice and freedom. Cap is known for being fair and valiant. He stands for freedom and is loyal to his friends and allies, quick to defend the weak and strong in the face of injustice.

Everyday Captain America



Captain America: the look

For this look, we’ve gone with the costume featured in the Avengers movies and the “modern” Captain America movies (i.e. not his World War II duds). The base is a pair of dark wash jeans and a matching navy blue blouse that has long sleeves and a scoop neck. Tie it off with a black wrap belt and you’ve got the foundation of this outfit. For details, we found a beanie hat with white stars on it and a pair of cute blue sunglasses to evoke his helmet and goggles. A necklace and earrings set shaped like his iconic shield design stand out against all the navy. A pair of comfy, combat-style boots complete the look, and you’re ready to stand for justice just like Cap!

That’s it for everyday cosplay looks based on Notice Me Senpai. Did you try any of them out? Did you think of any others? Let us know!
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