If you grew up in the 90’s like me then you remember a rad little show called ‘Doug’. It aired on Nickelodeon, One Saturday Morning and had, I believe, two movies. I loved Doug. As a character, he was just a guy trying to make his way through high school with his best friend, the girl he had a crush on. He tackled big problems like summer jobs no one liked, trying to get his journal back that he wrote in because he lost it and didn’t want anyone to read it and most of all, trying to conquer the thing called love.

Bluffington High was home of many of the characters in the show. While I did want to focus on Doug and his bestie Skeeter, I opted to shine the light on two other besties in the show: Patti and Beebe.


Patti was a the sweetheart of the show. She was nice to everyone and everyone loved her. It was really hard not to. Beebe on the other hand was snobby, stuck up and didn’t really care to hide it. Being polar opposites, they obviously made the best of friends.

For this look, and kind of keeping in mind that transitional period some states are having where it’s still hot as heck but the days have their cold moments, I created outfits that are good for that kind of weather. But throw on a cardigan or a jacket and you can still rock the same look.


Beebe Bluff:

Thinking back on it now, Beebe was bold. She wore a really short dress with no stockings or leggings. I mean, I can’t even do that now. I am too afraid of showing the world my cheeks! But, for this look we’re not doing that either.

I found a blue skater style dress (sizes XL-3X $17.90 USD) and paired it with some lavender tights (plus sizes $15 USD) to match Beebe’s signature skin color. To bring in the yellow of her buttons, I added a yellow infinity scarf ($15 USD) to also bring that fall vibe.

To finish off the look I pulled in a pair of yellow flats from the Polyvore app itself (she wears what appears to be yellow pumps?), a yellow Jansport backpack ($58 USD) and to be funny because Beebe is rich and loves to shop, a brooch that says ‘Born To Shop’ from etsy user PINSwithPERSONALITY ($22 USD).

Patti Mayonnaise:

Patti was also bold. For most of the show she sports a short skater skirt with no leggings or tights. Was this a 90’s trend that I wasn’t apart of? Probably. In the later episodes, she was mostly seen wearing pencil pants and a shorter hairdo which made her look way more mature!

Anyway, for her look I found a light blue v-neck top (sizes M &L $5.80 USD) and put it together with a navy faux suede skater skirt (sizes XS-L $17.90 USD). I paired that whole look with a pair of golden/orange tights to bring her skin color as well (sizes S-L $13 USD). Patti was seen with various shades as her skin. Sometimes that peachy color to a more extreme ‘tan’ that was kind of orangey. To bring in the pink dots on her sweater, I opted to also give the look an infinity scarf ($15 USD).

To finish off her look I gave her a pair of low top converse in pink from the Polyvore app. She is wearing what appears to be shoes similar to those so I went with it. I gave her a blue Jansport backpack ($58 USD). Lastly, a pair of Doug Funnie earrings from etsy user TheFoxyHipster ($9 USD)

And that is it for this look! Don’t forget that you can participate now in these by submitting your themed looks to the forum. It does NOT have to be based on whatever I chose for each week as long as it fits the Back To (Fictional) School theme!

That being said, I want to give a shout out to Iggles member klff for being the first (and so far only) person to submit a look! She went with Sully from Monsters Inc!


Great job, girl!

I will be back next week with another Fictional School to prep you for!

Remember, Keep Calm and Everyday Cosplay On!