This month we’re celebrating bookish birthdays, and what better way to kick that off with none other than Bilbo Baggins! He’s known for his birthday bashes of course, but also for “writing” the famed There And Back Again, known commonly in our world as The Hobbit. Let’s put together a look inspired by this hobbity hero!

Bilbo Baggins: the character

Bilbo is by no means an adventurer and wants nothing to do with them, thank you very much. They only get you tired and dirty and make you late for tea! At least that’s how he feels until the day Gandalf the Grey, wizard wanderer and fireworks expert, meets him on the front lawn and sets in motion a chain of events that leads to Bilbo running off into the Blue without so much as a pocket handkerchief. Can you imagine! Along the way he not only finds his courage, but he forms deep friendships that will carry him through the rest of his life, faces his deepest fears, becomes fabulously wealthy, and snags a certain golden Ring that may be more than it seems. He loses track of his birthday during the journey, but once he returns home again he begins celebrating every year in true hobbit fashion: he throws large and lavish dinner parties and gives gifts (as any hobbit host would) to everyone he knows. His 111th birthday is especially grand, and sets him off on another adventure while also setting the stage for his nephew to have some excitement, too (to say the least).


Everyday BIlbo Baggins


Bilbo Baggins: the look

For this look, I’ve used the costume worn in the first Hobbit film, though it is based on a description of what Bilbo wears in the book. Green crop pants with a white long sleeve shirt are the base, topped with a yellow vest in a modern style that mimics Bilbo’s own waistcoat. Strappy sandals can evoke being barefoot (a hobbit never wears shoes!) while keeping you on the move. The mint scarf and hat with the elvish script found on Bilbo’s Ring add some flair, and a simple gold band plus a pair of dragon earrings complete the look. Rock this look on your next adventure, and keep an eye out for trolls– they’re cleverer than they appear!

Got a Bilbo Baggins-inspired look to share? Are you going to try one out? Let us know, and use #igglescosplay to find other everyday cosplayers!