No month of fantasy inspired looks would be complete without the Evenstar herself, Arwen! From the forests of the Shire to the high court of Minis Tirith, Arwen brings strength and grace everywhere she goes, not to mention a pretty fabulous wardrobe.

Arwen: the character

Arwen is the daughter of Elrond Halfelven and the true love of Aragorn, the exiled king of Gondor in The Lord of the Rings. Though she is mostly known in the books by a few mentions and then the long and complex appendices of the books, for the films her character was brought to the foreground to show what a strong and powerful future queen she would be. She symbolizes the metaphorical passing away of the older Middle Earth dwellers as the last of the elves literally leave the continent for their ancient home, while she herself assumes a mortal state to be with the person she loves and help in the fight to save Middle Earth.

Everyday Arwen



Arwen: the look

This particular look is inspired by one of Arwen’s many striking costumes from the Lord of the Rings films: the black dress with long, sweeping red sleeves she wears at home in Imladris. I decided to give this one a slightly edgier vibe with the wedge boots and flared jeans, but the layered tank and cardigan set still evoke the flowing sleeves of her dress. A scarf necklace makes for a good mirror to the embroidery on the dress, and a mesh bracelet provides a nod to the arm embroidery. The look wouldn’t be complete without her signature necklace, the one that represents her mortality and her commitment to Aragorn. Be careful who you lend that one to!

Think you will try this look out? I actually put together a look sourced from my own closet based on this same costume for IGGPPCamp last year, and I was really pleased with how it turned out.

Let me know if you try out an Everyday Arwen, and find other everyday cosplayers with #igglecosplay!