I couldn’t do Science Month without featuring some rad ladies of science too! After going through the potential possibilities of women in pop culture who are scientists, I came upon a show that features TWO ladies of science: The Big Bang Theory.


For those who DON’T watch TBBT, Bernadette has a Ph.D. in Microbiology and works in pharmaceuticals and Amy is a Neurobiologist and is played by Mayim Bialik who in real life had earned a B.S., then a Doctorate THEN a Ph.D. in Neuroscience.  So…yeah…science man.

For the looks I came up with, Bernadette was created using plus size pieces but both outfits can be created in all sizes so don’t feel limited or obligated because I created it this way!


Big Bang Theory Amy & Bernadette

Amy Ferrah Fowler

Her outfit consists of  cardigans worn over plaid shirts (sometimes floral), denim skirts (usually stopping at or slightly below the knees), tights and orthopedic shoes. She often times has three layers on the upper half sometimes incorporating a high necked t-shirt underneath her plaid or floral shirts.

For her outfit I was trying to go a bit more modern and put together. Amy sometimes never matches and I couldn’t for the life of me put together a mismatched look that looked put together at the same time. So I found a pink floral button up (sizes XS-L $12.99), a black and grey striped cardigan (sizes XS-L $27.80) and a black pencil skirt (size XS only but sold out. can be found in other sizes in similar styles on the site). Now, if you wanted to go the three layer method with the t-shirt underneath the button up, Forever 21 has nice basic tops for cheap that you can incorporate in any color to give that Amy flare to your outfit! Lastly, the shoes. She’s known to wear orthopedic shoes but I wanted to bring in the pink from the floral top so I opted for a pair of pink flats to pair with the black stockings. It’s a nice pop from the contrast of the black. For a cute nod to her neurology career, I found these cute brain earrings from Etsy user tcustom.

Bernadette Wolowitz

Her outfits consists of  petite cardigans, knee-length floral skirts, nylons and black flats. Sometimes she’s seen in floral dresses as well but her outfits don’t NORMALLY have that big of a difference in days like Amy’s do.

Her outfit is pretty modern as it and really simple, too, so I just found a floral dress (sizes XL-2X currently sold out but you can find floral dresses on the site) and a yellow fitted short cardigan (sizes XL-3X also sold out but you can find similar ones on the site). She also wears stockings so I used the black ones above paired with a nice pair of black flats to bring the whole look together. For her jewelry piece, I found a microscope necklace from Etsy user EvelynMaeCreations. It’s the perfect addition to bring in her microbiology career!

And really, that’s it! The best thing about The Big Bang Theory is that everyone on the show just wears different variations of the same outfit. So really what you choose to wear and what colors you decide to bring in is up to you as long as you have the same pieces. These two are pretty much one of the easiest closet cosplays you can do!

Who are some of your favorite female scientist in real life or on television?
Share below who they are and what one item from their look you’d like to incorporate in your everyday attire!