Orphan Black’s Alison Hendrix has a craft room of which dreams are made of, and she’s also pretty handy with a hot glue gun. This week we’re creating a couple of Alison-worthy outfits, so get ready to see pink!

Alison Hendrix: the character

Alison Hendrix is one of many clones played by the talented Tatiana Maslany in the show Orphan Black.  She is the pragmatic, family minded one, buttoned up and put together all the time in her signature pink. Though she wants to find out answers about her true origin, she doesn’t want to do it at the expense of her children. With her soccer mom demeanor, she can also be tough in a pinch when she needs to be, and it’s usually best to answer questions when she asks them.


Everyday Alison Hendrix


Alison Hendrix: the look

To create a couple of classic Alison outfits, the main thing to start with is anything pink. I’ve given a couple of different examples above. The one on the left is based on a scene from season one involving her craft room, where Alison is still wearing her pink checkered PJs. To convert it to everyday wear, instead this outfit has a pink checkered shirt and coordinating pink leggings, plus comfy slippers to keep the feel of spending the day in your PJs. There’s also a tiny hot glue gun necklace for good measure, just in case you need to ask some tough questions.

alison's hot glue gun

The other outfit is based on Alison’s more put together self, the one that wears soft pink cardigans that button to the top and headbands that keep her hair pulled back just so. This outfit includes a pair of jeans, which is often the only non pink (or white) item the character wears, and I’m a fan of any everyday cosplay that can involve denim!

What would you wear if you were a clone? Comment below with your best clone gear!