For our last Bookish Birthday everyday cosplay look, it’s a two-for-one: Alice and the Cheshire Cat of Alice in Wonderland. Celebrate your unbirthday with Wonderland style!

Alice and the Cheshire Cat: the characters

When daydreaming Alice tumbles down a rabbit hole and finds herself in Wonderland, she embarks on a series of adventures (and misadventures) that eventually lead her home. One of the many memorable characters she encounters is the Cheshire Cat, a large feline with an even larger grin, who can vanish into thin air one bit of him at a time. Alice is trying to logic her way out of an illogical world while the Cat twists riddles for her to decipher. The encounter has become one of the most iconic from the story, both in the book and in the various film adaptations since.


Everyday Alice and Cheshire


Alice and the Cheshire Cat: the looks

For these two looks, I’ve chosen to use the classic Disney cartoon as a reference, though there are enough incarnations of the characters for plenty of options. Alice’s blue dress is mirrored in a button-front cardigan over a white tank and white skinny jeans to evoke the look of her white leggings. I included a headband with a bow like hers, as well as a pair of low-heeled Mary Janes. Her accessories are a watch with a tea set and a pair of earrings that have mice sitting in teacups, much like the Doormouse at the Unbirthday Party she attends in Wonderland.

The Cheshire Cat has much bolder colors, and I’ve gone with color blocking instead of stripes to make the pieces more versatile. The bright magenta top and shoes are off-set by the purple shirt as a nod at this kitty’s striped coat. The shoes themselves are flat-soled sneakers, perfect for feline feet and to add a little bit of casual funkiness to this look. Top it all off with a “vanishing” cat necklace and a pair of yellow glasses that shine like Cheshire’s eyes, and you’ve got it!

Are you more of an Alice or a Cheshire? Let me know in comments below, and use #igglescosplay to find other closet cosplayers!