For this week’s Everyday Cosplay for Science Month, I wanted to feature another lady of science! I decided to go with TV’s favorite goth scientist, Abby Sciuto from NCIS!


On the show, Abby is the Chief Forensic Scientist for the NCIS Major Case Response Team. She’s cute, witty, smart and overall just someone who really kept me watching the show (when I did watch it).

Her outfits aren’t really that complex and you don’t have to look any further than your local Hot Topic or just working with all of the black and plaid in your wardrobe. It’s just an all around easy look to pull off and with your hair in pigtails, people who watch the show are bound to know who you’re dressing up as!



Main Components

If you have one around or are just really fond of plaid skirts, you can do one for that look. She has worn some before and generally wears them with form fitting basic black shirts. I found a plaid skirt that could work (Sizes S-L $13.80) and a plain black tee as well (Sizes S-L $9.90). For the plus size look I did a plain black babydoll type dress (Sizes XL-1X $24.90). Now Forever 21 is lacking in some sizes when it comes to dresses and skirts but you can pull any style of black dress and plaid skirt from any other site or store you like to shop in!

To replicate the lab coat, I paired both looks with white cardigans. Here is the link to one (Sizes S-L $14.90) and here’s the other (Sizes XL-3X $15.90).


To complete the look, I would suggest finding a pair of skeleton printed tights as they are both relatively “gothy” and also relate to her forensics job. You can also try for a pair of skeleton, stripes or solid colored knee high socks.

She’s normally seen in those really tall knee high boots that goth kids wear sometimes, but since not everyone is comfortable in those I suggest that if you’re not, a cute pair of Doc Martens or any kind of comfortable boot. Preferably black!

In regards to jewelry, I found a studded choker and a studded bracelet from Hot Topic. If you want to go the extra mile, Etsy shop ProtoGeekArcade has a Dexter inspired blood sample necklace. While we’re not trying to do Dexter here, blood samples are related to forensics, so why not!

So like I said, this look can be really easy depending on what you’ve already got in black in your closet! This is the perfect way to let your inner goth girl out for a day because you can really do whatever you want and it’ll work for the character!

Thanks for all of the comments you’ve been leaving on the posts! I am happy to be doing this and sharing my love for Everyday Cosplaying with you all!

See you next week for another (and last) science related look!