EA kicked off their E3 press briefing in fine style with a reveal trailer for the next installment in the Mass Effect series – Mass Effect Andromeda. The trailer teased the new style galaxy map, showed some of the new locations, and prominently featured a soldier in N7 garb. BioWare released further story details on their blog, promising

a new adventure, taking place far away from and long after the events of the original trilogy…. You’ll be exploring an all-new galaxy, Andromeda, and piloting the new and improved Mako you saw. And through it all, you will have a new team of adventurers to work with, learn from, fight alongside of, and fall in love with.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be available Holiday 2016 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Other highlights of EA’s presentation included a look at the next Need for Speed game, Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, a sequel to Mirror’s Edge, and a tiny yarn doll stealing hearts in the trailer for new platformer Unravel. Pele made an unlikely appearance to introduce FIFA 16, and EA reminded us all that, for the first time, it will include women’s teams.

There was also a lot on offer for Star Wars fans. EA began by announcing an expansion to Star Wars: The Old Republic, called Knights of the Fallen Empire, which will launch in October, and will be free to all subscribers. Next up was Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, a new collectible card-based RPG for mobiles, which will be available on both iOS and Android later this year. The finale was a new on-stage demo of Star Wars Battlefront, focused on a large-scale battle on Hoth, allowing them to demonstrate a variety of vehicles, and reveal that Luke Skywalker will be a playable character.

Via IGN.