This round’s IGGPPC theme is super cool and all about animation, which means that this is the perfect time to share my review of Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne. I love the Dragon Age games and figured that I should read the books. I saw a few people mark The Stolen Throne as a decent RPG book, and I was sold.

Dragon Age

The Summary

Dragon Age Stolen Throne Book Review

Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne is a prequel to the Dragon Age games. It takes place as King Maric fights for his crown to become the legend we all heard about when playing through Origins. We come in on a Ferelden torn apart by war with a usurper king from Orlais on the throne. Meghren is a terrible king, kind of in Joffery’s realm of crazy, and the majority of the kingdom is terrified of him. However, there are rebels that refuse to follow him and are battling to regain the throne. This is where we come in, and after a major death, the story gets going. We follow Maric as a somewhat spoiled, rebel prince trying to survive and make his way in this world, and we meet the notorious Loghain. Throughout the story, Maric starts to learn what it means to be a prince, and soon to be king, and run an army; we also see a different side of Loghain than what we see in Dragon Age: Origins. Think rugged dude who really hates when people act solely on emotion and not logic.

Dragon Age

The Review

I really enjoyed this book. I wasn’t entirely sure if it would be good, but I was pleasantly surprised. I loved getting to know more about Ferelden and seeing the war I heard and read so much about while playing the first Dragon Age game. It was also interesting to watch Maric grow throughout the story, and also gaining a weird respect for Loghain. I never expected to like him that much, and while he was OK at the end of Dragon Age (if you made a certain choice), Stolen Throne shows something very different. I fully plan on reading more of the Dragon Age books to learn more about Ferelden and the surrounding areas, as well as learning more of the history and lore.

This is definitely an easy read, so if you’re expecting a lot to go on in the story, you might be a little underwhelmed. But, it is a great, fun read for Dragon Age fans and perfect if you are looking for an easy, light(ish) read.



Dragon Age

Do you have any RPG novels you like? Have you read the Dragon Age books? Let me know what you think!

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