There are a lot of subscription boxes out there, especially ones that leave you feeling disappointed. Luckily the people over at Japan Crate really know what they’re doing. Specifically with they’re newest venture, Doki Doki Crate, that focuses on cute items like Sanrio,  Sailor Moon, and Pokemon. If you like cute little items to add some sparkle to yourself and your house I’m here to help you decide if this is for you. Let’s see what we have inside the box!


The important details!

  • Cost: 30 USD including 2 day shipping
  • Type of items: Key chains, plush, mini figures apparel, squished , stationary.
  • Number of items: 8-10 once a month                               
  • Shipping: 5th of each month


    What’s Inside?


Plush Nyan-Kuma: The first Thing I noticed when I opened up my box of cute was this little plush. He is described as a bear wearing  a cat suit. He has a plastic sticker to hang him from a window and is simply adorable! He is designed by Japan Crate themselves and is part of their comic in the included pamphlet.

Henshin Awa Jelly DIY Kit: This tasty snack is a strawberry flavored DIY kit. DIY kits are insanely popular items in Japan where you mix powders or mold candy in to different items. This one has you mix three powders to create fruit pudding with a syrup on top that mixes in as you eat it.



Panda Sleeping Mask: The next thing we have is a night mask with panda eyes and ears.The quality is also surprisingly nice and it blocks light out nicely. It’s also really plushy and it has been sleep approved by both me and my partner!

Hello Kitty Blind Box:  Hello Kitty is currently celebrating its 40th anniversary in Japan, so they have made a line of mystery figures with her in many different costumes. The figures are vinyl and really are nice quality for one of these boxes. I got the Marilyn Monroe variation with mine and it’s spot on, she even has a little mole.


Pikachu x Charizard Necklace: This is an officially licensed product from the Pokemon center in Japan. The necklace has Pikachu wearing a Mega Charizard costume. It is silver, lightweight, and has a decently long chain to wear with any outfit you choose. I especially love this since there are none available in America currently and it really shows their not just cheaping out on the contents of Doki Doki Crate.

Totoro plush: If you have ever watched My Neighbor Totoro your are sure to recognize this little guy. It’s your very own mini Totoro to snuggle with. He is extremely soft and feels likes just like you’d expect a little ballof fluff to.


Totoro pouch: This pouch peeks out at you as you take the other items out of the box. It is a navy blue pouch with different Totoros decorating the front. It is great for keeping make up in or using as letter storage if you Iggles prefer.

Totoro Calendar: The bottom item in our Doki Doki crate is a Totoro desk calendar. It has 14 months in it including November and December of this year and is perfect for any December crate. Each month has beautiful Totoro art to look at as well as a side to display and the back side to right on for scheduling. This is especially great for people like me who always forget to get a calendar.



Alpacasso coin pouch: Amuse has a huge line of plushies in Japan which my cutified animals for you to love and collect. Their most popular is Alpacasso. This adorable little coin purse is perfect for keeping quarters in and storing in your car for when you go on trips with Toll bridges or stop by Mcdonalds for a shake late at night. It came in both a purple a yellow variation and is totally stylish to just carry as a key chain.

*There is also a pamphlet included in every crate to inform you about the items, give you a comic to read, and explains how to make DIY kits.

What’s the Verdict?

Doki Doki Crate is my favorite crate right next to Japan Crate itself. I have been subscribed and tried out a lot of services but usually ended up with junk or cheap filler. I really felt that this crate was worth the 30 USD I put into it and I am very excited for their future crates especially since they will be including the Moon Princess in some! I also did some research into item pricing and it all came out to around 50 USD which means that you are getting a pretty decent value out of it for a mystery crate!

Let me know what you guys think and if you want next month’s Doki Doki Crate reviewed to see if it stands up to the launch!