Hiya! My name is Debbie, or Bad Rolf (Thank you Darling Stewie for the amazing nickname!) and once a month I’ll be writing here about one of my favorite shows, Doctor Who!

Here’s me!

For this first post, I had originally wanted to write about Peter Capaldi’s first season. However since the season finale left some things unanswered, I want to see if the Christmas special resolves a few of those things and will be writing about that next month instead. Today I’ll be talking a little bit about why I love the show and why you should too.

Even though I started watching the show just a few years ago, it feels like I’ve been watching it for much longer and I’ve quickly become a very enthusiastic fan. I watched The Day of The Doctor and Deep Breath in a movie theater with hundreds of other Whovians. I arranged my New York Comic Con work schedule so I could watch the Doctor Who panels. I found the Tardis by Earl’s Court station in London and then got told off for trying to open the locked door. I got so openly excited when I found Capaldi’s Paddington Bear in Greenwich that a kindly old man came over and volunteered to take my picture with it.  I regularly listen to several Doctor Who podcasts. And now I’m writing about it.

This show means a lot to me for a couple of reasons, and there are many reasons why the show is fantastic. If I discuss every single one, this will turn into a novel, so I’m just going to focus on the top three reasons why Doctor Who is important to me.

1) For me, the biggest thing is that Doctor Who has something for everyone. There is this constant idea that no one is perfect, but everyone is important. Everyone is an impossible mystery just waiting to be solved, and everyone has the potential to be absolutely amazing. I think that a lot of the Doctor Who fandom reflects this. I’ve never met a Whovian who wasn’t enthusiastic to talk about the show with someone new, or who wasn’t excited when introducing someone to the show for the first time.

2) I like how Doctor Who deals with change. The Doctor changes, he has different faces and personalities, but his core values for the most part stay the same and that’s how we can love him regeneration after regeneration. His companions change too, and each one has brought something different to the show and each one has made The Doctor see things in a different light. That’s great because as you go through life your friends change, and each one affects you in a different way. The Doctor’s companions die, leave, get stuck in different dimensions, or zapped back in time, but he always remembers them. Even if a friendship ends or you both drift apart, it doesn’t change the fact that at one point they had a very large influence on your life and meant a lot to you. You wouldn’t be you right now without them, and The Doctor would be completely different if he had, for example, never traveled with Martha Jones.

3) This show is so much fun! The possibilities are endless! We’re talking about all of time and space here! It is impossible for the scope to be wider, and yet a lot of the show focuses on the extremely intimate relationships between The Doctor and his companions. To me, this makes even the most outlandish adventures relatable. Let your imagination run with The Doctor, and suddenly even the wildest scenario can be applicable to your life. This makes me completely giddy. How awesome is it that a show about zooming around outer space in a temperamental phone box and having wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey adventures with dinosaurs and monsters and aliens is something I can reference and apply every day? * does a happy dance *

So to wrap up, here is a quick fast five favorites about me and the show:

Favorite Doctor: Matt Smith’s. I’ve loved all of them so far, (I’ve only seen New Who) but he was the first one that was really “my Doctor”, probably because I caught up on the show during his tenure and so he was the first Doctor I watched leave in real time. I love his optimism and how he doggedly refuses to give up hope, even when it seems like all hope should be lost.

Favorite Companion: Donna Noble. Hands down. Second favorite is Clara Oswald.

Favorite Episode: Probably Blink, but I also really liked Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead.

Favorite villain: I really, really like the Cybermen, because the general idea behind them is entirely possible.

Favorite Tardis Interior: I like Matt Smith’s most recent decor a lot, and although I’m growing on Capaldi’s it’s just very dark. I mean literally not well lit, how do they see anything?

So that’s all for now guys! I’ll be back next month to talk all about Peter Capadli’s first season as The Doctor.

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