If you’re like me, and I’m sure at least a handful of you are, you spend more time than you’d like to admit scrolling through DIY projects on Pinterest. You’ll find a dozen or so fandom related crafts you’d love to do but never know where to start. That’s how I am – until I finally started doing them! Now I just can’t seem to stop myself from wanting to do more and more. And after all the awesome crafts we did during the 2015 IGGPPCamp, I sure am pumped up and ready to keep the creative juices flowing.

After seeing the adorable Troop Lumos necklaces during camp I couldn’t help but want to share a similar idea for another great fandom love of mine – The Hunger Games. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think Hunger Games? For me, it’s Katniss’ bow and arrow and her experience in the 74th Hunger Games. And surprisingly enough, the materials needed weren’t all that hard to find.

All you’ll need is:

  • Mini glass bottles – I got them at Michael’s for $4 for a set of 3
  • Necklace chains – Can be found at Michael’s for $4 (I believe it came with 3 or 4 necklace chains)
  • Fake moss – I got mine from Michael’s for a few dollars
  • Mini bronze arrows – Mine were ordered off of Etsy for about $3
  • Something thin and sturdy enough to fit through the top of your bottle to push the moss down – I used a plastic straw from a Denny’s souvenir cup the first time around and an extra mini arrow the second time
  • Hot glue gun or super glue to glue the cork in afterwards – optional but recommended
DIY Supplies

Supplies needed – necklace chains, small necklace bottles, fake moss, and miniature arrows

After you gather all your materials it is time to put your masterpiece together. I took the mini glass bottle, removed the cork from the top, and filled the entire bottle with the fake moss. To push it down, I used the extremely thin straw from a cupcake cup I got at Denny’s (or an extra mini arrow), but anything that fits through the top of the bottle should do just fine. You don’t have to fill it completely – just fill it to where you see fit.


Fill the bottle with fake moss – however much you’d like – using something thin enough to fit into the bottle to push it down. (i.e. -thin plastic straw, another miniature arrow, etc…)

After you have filled the bottle to your liking, take your miniature arrow and push it into the bottle as well, using the straw – or what you found that fits through the top – to maneuver the arrow to where you would like it to be. A pair of tweezers (if they fit – it really depends on the bottle) could be of use here.


Use tweezers or something that fits through the top of the bottle to place the arrow inside.

Now, my miniature jars came with screw eyes attached to the cork tops, so I simply put the cork back in the bottle and slid my necklace chain through it. However if your glass bottle did not come with screw eyes already in the tops, they can easily be found at your local Home Depot (or possibly your craft store). Just screw them into the cork tops, slide the chain through. If you choose you can put a small amount of hot glue or super glue to keep the cork in place.


Replace the cork and (if necessary) put a screw eye into the cork. Attach the chain and you’re done!

If you’ve stuck with me this far you now have yourself a Hunger Games necklace! I personally can’t wait to wear mine to the premiere of – wait for the water works – Mockingjay Part 2.

Thank you so much for joining me as I made this necklace inspired by one of my favorite fandoms. I hope you enjoy your necklace as much as I enjoy mine.

Final Product

Final product – Hunger Games inspired necklace to show off your Mockingjay pride.