This is a project based on a birthday present I made for a friend (and a Harry Potter fiend) a couple years ago – the golden snitch necklace. This extremely simple DIY is for Harry Potter fans everywhere!


You will need:

– jewellery pliers

– large gold bead
– 2 silver wing charms
– headpin
– 2 jump rings
– silver chain (any length you like, if it’s long you need no clasp)
– bead cap (if bead hole is larger than end of your head pin)


Step 1: Put your bead cap (if needed) and your gold bead onto the headpin. Loop the end of the headpin – find out how here.
Step 2: Open up one of your jump rings hold using your pliers. Put the gold bead piece one of the ends. Add a wing charm on each side of the gold bead piece, making sure they are facing the same way. Close the jump ring. Now you have a golden snitch!


Step 3: Open up your next jump ring and put it through the other ring. This one will make sure your snitch hangs facing the front. Put the chain through the jump ring and close it.
Step 4: Fasten the end of your chain with or without a clasp. There you have it: your brand new golden snitch necklace!


I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and liked seeing this project!

Until next time,


*This post was originally posted by Kat Lamb*