Greetings geek girls! My name is Kat and I will be sharing a DIY tutorial on the first Monday of every month. I’ll be starting today with this Game of Thrones inspired dragon egg necklace. Here’s how you too can be the mother of dragon(s):


You will need:

– pliers (jewellery pliers are better, but any old pliers will do if you’re patient)

– 50 mm head pin

– sculpey in your preferred base colour

– craft paint in your preferred dragon colour

– a smallish paint brush

– a loop of chain (or string or leather if you prefer)

blogdiygotdragonnecklace3Step 1. Roll some Sculpey into an egg shape. The widest part of mine was just over 1.5 cm in diameter. blogdiygotdragonnecklace4Step 2. Make about six small (0.25 cm) balls to start. Flatten them out and pinch them into this teardrop-ish shape – these are the scales. blogdiygotdragonnecklace5Step 3. Arrange the scales around the bottom of the egg so that all of the pointy ends meet up in the middle. Carefully smooth and lightly blend the rounded ends back into the clay of the egg. blogdiygotdragonnecklace6Step 4. Make more scales of the same size and make another layer of scales, overlapped over the previous as shown above.
blogdiygotdragonnecklace7Step 5. Keep going. blogdiygotdragonnecklace9Step 6. Finish your final layer and lightly smooth the scales out so they are all blended evenly. Carefully insert your head pin through the bottom of the egg and push straight up through the top of the egg and then remove. Now bake that puppy. The rule for Sculpey is to bake at 275 for 15 per each 1/4 inch. I baked mine for about an hour. Let cool.blogdiygotdragonnecklace11Step 7. Insert the head pin at this point, so you can use it to hold and rotate the egg while you paint it. Use a small amount of gold paint and lightly dry-brush the surface.blogdiygotdragonnecklace12Step 8. Dry-brush the egg with a layer of black. Layer until you are satisfied with the colouring, but don’t go overboard! I did two layers each of gold and black. Let dry. blogdiygotdragonnecklace13 Step 9. Make a headpin loop (with the middle of the chain inside) and you’re all finished! Ta-da! Now, wear it to work and show everyone who is really BOSS.

*This post was originally posted by Kat Lamb*