Hello, all my lovely iggles and miggles! Today we’re going to talk about Disneybounding. What is Disneybounding, you say? I’m SO glad you asked! It is simply Disney character- (or movie- or ride-) inspired fashion and it’s a whole lot of fun.

You may or may not know that the Walt Disney Company does not allow adults to cosplay (full costumes, that is) in their parks. This is for a multitude of reasons, including safety (no one wants  kids running up to random non-employee strangers) and aesthetics (they maintain a careful balance on the look of the thing– only having Mickey in one place at a time, for instance) and standards (let’s face it, their costumes are always going to be perfect by default). So what’s a cosplay-loving fan to do? Disneybound!

Disneybounding at its core is a mashup of fandom and fashion, perfectly synched with the many everyday cosplay items that are becoming ever more trendy in the world, and it can fit anyone’s style and budget. The real heart of this is to reach into the depths of your already existing wardrobe and pull together pieces you wouldn’t normally pair, but that when combined become character-inspired outfits. Whether a simple nod in the direction or a total modern-makeover of a character, Disneybounds run the gamut and are surprisingly easy once you get the idea.


Belle's Ballgown Disneybound

As an example, I’ve put together an easy summer look to do Belle in her ballgown. The colors are key here, and I find that the easiest way to get started is to find what you already have and then add an accessory or two that makes the outfit stand out as the specific character. Sometimes these items are simply found, or you can go looking for specific things (like a purse that looks like a book for Belle) to make the outfit special. The most important element is your own creativity– just have fun with your clothes!

If you want to meet some other Bounders, check out the thread in our forum, or for inspiration check out this Disneybound tumblr. This is the official original Disneybound website, created by Leslie Kay! There are a ton of great folks on instagram as well; some of my favorites are SarahSnitch, mrleozombie, and ErikaEnchanted_. Go check them out! And if you’re a Disneybounder, or are interested in more Everyday Cosplay inspiration posts (with shopping/crafting ideas), let me know in the comments below!